Monday, December 28, 2009

A Decade in Review

Not only is another year coming to a close, but also another decade. I've seen a few folks that posted a review of the decade and it got me reflecting on the past decade of my life. A lot has changed over the last ten years!

Rang in the new millennium with my family and friend's of the family at an outdoor concert in Niagara Falls featuring the Boomtang Boys, Leahey, and Jeff Healey.
Was in grade 8.
Was getting in trouble.
Begged my parents to let me go to the Christian boarding school that my siblings were at for grade 9 instead of grade 10.
Parents finally agreed.
Turned 14.
Moved away from home to go to boarding school.
Became best friends with Katie.
Started dating my first serious boyfriend.

Lost my first grandparent when my mother's mom passed away in April.
Finished grade 9 and started grade 10.

Celebrated my sweet 16 and went on a vacation to Frankenmuth with my mom.
Gained a brother in law when my sister got married in September.
Finished grade 10 and started grade 11.
Went to NYC.
Found out my mom had breast cancer just before Christmas.

Mom had surgery in January 2003.
Watched my mom go through chemo and radiation from May-December.
Spent a lot of time in the cancer clinic with my mom.
Broke up with the boyfriend I had been dating since grade 9.
Finished grade 11 and started grade 12.
Started dating new boyfriend in grade 12.

Graduated from high school.
Broke up with BF.
Started dating the Fabulous Dude.
Started University.
Hated University.
Gained a sister-in-law when my brother married Logi in December.

Completed my first year of University.
Moved home and waitressed for the summer.
Welcomed our second niece into the world.
Transferred to a University closer to the FD.
Moved in with Caley.
Got engaged.
Found out the FD would be losing his job at the end of the year.

FD started a new job. Hated it.
Traveled to Spokane, WA for the FD to lead worship at a youth rally and to visit our dear friends.
FD did not go back to his job when we returned.
The fabulous dude got his new (and current job).
Finished my second year of university.
Planned our wedding.
Married my sweetheart.
Spent our honeymoon at my grandma's cottage.
Moved into our first apartment.
Got a job as an assistant teacher in a JK/SK class.
Welcomed our third niece into the world.
Apartment flooded in December.
Moved into our new home just in time for Christmas.

Got a puppy.
Finished my third year of University.
Vacationed in Punta Cana, DR with the fabulous dude and my parents.
Worked as a preschool teacher.
Walked in the 2007 weekend to end breast cancer.

Graduated with an honour's BA in Child and Youth Studies.
Bought a new to me car.
Welcomed my first nephew into the world.
Walked in the 2008 Weekend to End Breast Cancer.
Started grad school. Questioned that decision.
Said goodbye to my best friend and her sister when they went to live in Scotland for a year.

Started baking my own bread.
Made my husband a cheeseburger, french fry, and coke smoothie when he got his wisdom teeth out.
Grandpa passed away in February.
Finished course work for my graduate program.
Traveled to visit Katie in Scotland. Saw Scotland, part of England, and Rome.
Started writing my thesis.
Did lots of canning.
Welcomed my second nephew into the world.

What has this decade looked like for you?


Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

This is a fun idea! Happy New Year!

Heather said...

Fun list. I was just thinking in my head...I don;t know if I can remember 10 years!!

SnoWhite said...

I so have a post quite similar to this in my drafts right now!

Jessica said...

It's hard to believe this decade is over! I wish I could remember everything like that thought LOL

S. said...

Very cool idea! I did something like this last year but just for the year.

Lindsey Carver said...

Wow! You got to do some amazing things over the last few years! Thanks for sharing it all. Some of it I would have never known!

Kelsey said...

This was such a fun list!

Jenn said...

My goodness - a decade in review, huh? I'd really have to think long & hard to come up with my list, but might not be a bad idea. cute post!!

Holly said...

This is fun...I may do this later in the week.
Oh my, how young you are! And I'm not even really that old, but let's see, 8th grade? I was in 11th grade when you were born (or at least, when Katie was born, which I'm assuming is similar).

Lucky in Love said...

There's no way I could remember all of that...ha!

2007-got married


2009-"met" Lucy

2010-met Lucy in real life!!

Gwen said...

My memory stinks and you have had a momentous decade! The way that I look at it, my life didn't start until about 4 years ago when I met my own FD:)

Annie said...

LADY!! oh my!! you have had quite the past few years. it has been so much fun reading about everything the past few months. i love ya bunches! can't wait to read more!!
i hope 2010 brings nothing but the best for you!! :) i think you are wonderful and i'm so glad i came across your blog!

Jackie said...

Gosh, you have a good memory...I don't know if I could remember all those details in my life. But this is such a great idea!

Jacky said...

What a fun post! I'm not sure my decade in review post would be worth reading, though...10 years ago, I was only 9. Hmmm. :)

Christy said...

I have really been enjoying reading both of your blogs. I didn't realize how young you were until I read your decade in review :) Your tortellini bake is one of our favourite dinners here now!
I have a degree in Child and Youth Studies as well - although when I graduated (from the concurrent program) in 2000, they were still calling it simply Child Studies. (Actually I think people in my year were able to choose what they wanted their degree to say.)
Great post!

Shaina said...

Great post! Yours was the first of this kind I read, and it totally inspired me to write mine. You've had a great decade...full of ups and downs but overall just wonderful. :)

Also, you are SO young. :) Haha!

Anonymous said...

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