Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trip Recap - Part 4 of 4

Part Four - Rome
Part Three - Northumberland
Part Two - Edinburgh
Part One - Roadtrip

After Northumberland, the last portion of our holiday was spent in Rome. I was so excited for this because I have always wanted to go to Italy and I did not know we were going. When we arrived in Scotland the girls informed us that we would be heading there for three days. Yipppee!!

So, on Thursday morning we got up, headed to the train station and made our way to Glasgow. From there, we caught our flight to Rome and ended up getting there around 6 pm. We took a bus into the city, which took about an hour and then proceeded to find our hostel. Since we had had two really great experiences with the hostels in Scotland we were not worried. But, when we got there we found ourselves in a dirty Laundry Mat. The man in the laundry mat looked at us with a confused face and then said follow me. He lead us onto another road where we met another man. The first laundry mat guy said "He'll take care of you now" and left us with dude #2. Dude #2 took us to this other building, buzzed in and took us inside. He took us to a really old fashioned elevator and said he could take 2 people up at a time. Amy and Logi got in and Katie and I waited. We were hopeful that when we got to the top Logi and Amy would still be there. They were! We then found out they had us written down as a two person reservation so they had to scramble to get a room to fit us all. They ended up giving us a three person room and gave us an extra bed. The rooms were not the cleanest I've ever seen but hey, it was cheap and we weren't too worried about that. We headed out shortly after getting settled in and found a nice place near the hostel to have dinner. We then walked around a little bit and had a little piece of Gelato.

Roma trip begins!

We decided to call it an early night so we could get a good start in the morning. On Friday, we went straight to the Colosseum in the morning. It was amazing. More fantastic than I ever imagined. Following the Colosseum we went to Palatino Hill and the Roman Forum. Seriously, I can't even describe it. Everything is so old and amazing. It's honestly another world.

Amy and her sexy gladiator

After we were finished at the Colosseum and the Roman Forum we grabbed some lunch and headed to the Trevi Fountain.

Then we headed to the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and the Spanish Steps (where Katie met the love of her life).
The Pantheon

Piazza Navona

The Spanish Steps
Looking down on the Spanish Steps

Sitting on the Spanish Steps

After the Spanish Steps, we headed back to the Hostel for a little siesta before dinner. I have added a photo of our room for your viewing pleasure.

We then headed out and enjoyed a really nice dinner together. But, I didn't take my camera that night and I haven't gotten any pictures from the other girls yet. After dinner, Amy and Logi headed back to the hostel and Katie and I went to see the Colosseum at night and had the BEST gelato in the history of the world.

The best gelato ever. Katie got coconut, lemon and pistachio. I got pistachio, chocolate and hazelnut. When I tasted the chocolate and hazelnut together, it was like eating Nutella straight from the jar. Pure joy.

On Saturday we got up, checked out of the hostel and headed to Vatican city. Unfortunately, we couldn't go in the Vatican because there was a 3 hour wait and we only had half a day. So, we just got to take pictures from the outside. I was disappointed because I really wanted to see the Sistine Chapel but hey, what can you do?

After Vatican city we went to another museum but it was borrrring. So the last pictures are of our last lunch in Rome. Seriously, the food ... oh the food. In 2 1/2 days I am pretty sure I ate my body weight in pasta and gelato. Amazing.

After lunch we had a few minutes so we made one last gelato stop and then headed to pick up our luggage and catch the bus back to the airport. It was a quick and wonderful trip. We flew back to Glasgow at 6 pm, arriving at 8. We then took two train rides and a bus to get back to their flat in Edinburgh. We were home around midnight and went to bed. Then, at 7 am Logi and I got up again, headed back to the bus stop, took two buses to Glasgow and back to the airport to come home. The flight took about 7 1/2 hours and we were finally home! There you have it, our trip is complete!

For the rest of the pictures from Rome, click here.


Taryn said...

Don't feel bad- When we were there we couldn't see the chapel either. Not because of the wait, but because some stupid cardnials were in there trying to pick the new Pope. Can't they meet somewhere else? = )

Glad you had fun. It looks amazing!

C said...

Wow, your pictures are fantastic! Looks like you had an absolutely amazing time!!

Holly said...

Wow! Amazing. I want to go to Rome now.
Did you take a picture of Katie's new love?

Emily MacKenzie said...

Wow Luce, what an amazing trip! The pics are fantastic! I especially love the Italy ones (as I'd love to travel there), and the food! Cuz...well, I'm a Vine so, you know how it is.
Seriously, what a once in a lifetime trip!

And home just in time for Lost. :)

Shelley said...

WOW...Lindsay it looks fabulous. Please tell me that you kept a journal and that you didn't really keep the names of all these nooks and crannies in your head. I was excited to tell Mitch that you visited Harry's castle!

Rona's Home Page said...

Your photos are putting me in the mood for a trip.
Oh, don't forget to stop by my blog and leave a comment.
I'm celebrating my 4 year anniversary with a drawing for a $25 gift certificate from vinylvineyard at Etsy.

Denise K. said...

Hello Lucy Marie! Oh my goodness, I haven't been by in ages and have SOOO much to catch up on!!! It's late here so I will be back when I can read over all your vacation details slowly and enjoy all the photos!!! This trip looks incredible! Can't wait to return and hear all about it...see you in the morning! Welcome Home, I missed you! :-)

Denise K. said...

Oh my goodness...incredible pictures, incredible memories!!!! What a trip Lucy!!!! Welcome Home! We missed you so much!