Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trip Recap - Part 3 of 4

Part Three - Northumberland
Part Two - Edinburgh
Part One - Road Trip

As per Becky's request, I'm posting the rest of the trip recap tonight. Actually, it's just because the hubby is working late and I have nothing better to do.

On Wednesday, we rented another car and headed out to the borders and to do some exploring in Northern England. Our first stop was St. Abbs Head, which is a super cute fishing village. The harbor was down a little one way hill and so going back up was a little bit scary. Many of the roads in Scotland are only one lane and quite curvy so you just never know what will be around the corner. There isn't much else to say about this stop so I will let the pictures do the talking.

The next stop was Berwick Upon Tweed. Here we walked around, went to an old fashioned candy shop and then ate our packed lunch in the car on the way out. Amy was very happy with me when I asked this cute little guy to take a photo with her!

Next up, Bumbragh Castle. This castle is situated right on the ocean and was pretty stunning. We didn't go into this castle but spent some time walking around and taking photos.

Can you spot Katie in this one?

The last stop of the day was Alnwick Castle - the highlight of my LIFE. This is the castle that was used as Hogwart's in the filming of the first two Harry Potter movies. Clearly, I was in my glory wandering around and seeing all of the spots that were featured in the film.
That hut is the Guinea Fowl shed but for the movies, that was where Hagrid's hut was placed and the trees mark the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest

It was around 6 pm by the time we were finished at Alnwick so we decided we should head home, get some dinner and get ready to head to Rome the very next morning. To be continued...

For more pictures from this day, click here.

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Holly said...

Can you believe I've never read any of the Harry Potter books, and only seen glimpses of one of the movies?