Monday, August 2, 2010

July Review and August Plans aka THE LAST MONTH BEFORE I HAVE A BABY

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Ladies (and gents??), I cannot believe that we have entered August - the last full month before I become a Mama!!

Let's check out what took place in July ...

1. Visit with our friend's from Ohio.

They came up to visit during the first weekend in July. We had a blast with them and had a lovely get together with a bunch of our friends. Click here to read about it.

2. Visit the in-laws.

We just went this past weekend.

3. Replace carpet in baby's room (um, this is actually not on my list. Hint, hint, FD).

Yay! Carpet was replaced last Thursday night - it looks great! Thanks Dad and FD!

4. Set up baby's room - arrange furniture and start adding all the finishing touches.

The furniture is in there but not fully assembled and arranged. We decided to paint one wall after all, so that should get done tonight and tomorrow night and then I can get moving with the rest of the stuff.

5. Condense and purge scrapbooking/crafting/board game cabinet. This is going to be a daunting task. I keep thinking about doing it and finding a reason why I should wait just a bit longer. Yesterday I opened it, took a look at it for about 5 minutes, closed it, and walked away. IT.MUST.GET.DONE.

Yay! Done.

6. Send FD away on a boy's fishing trip and spend some girl time with my mom and sisters.

We all had a great week together. While the boys fished, the girls cooked, ate, shopped, played, and celebrated Little H's birthday.

7. Attend my baby shower.

Thanks so much to my Mom and Sisters for hosting such a great shower for me!

8. Get a hair cut (can't tell you how badly I need this one).

Got my hair cut the same weekend as my shower. Just a little freshening up pre-babe.

9. Organize freezers and freeze cherries for the winter.

The freezers got somewhat organized but I totally dropped the ball on freezing cherries. I literally blinked and missed cherry season. Other than eating them fresh, a few batches of muffins and some delicious ice cream, I didn't do anything with them this year. Sadness.

10. Begin harvesting and preserving veggies from the garden.

I have been picking veggies like crazy but nothing that's been preserved so far. My MIL and I canned peaches and BBQ Onion sauce this weekend, but that wasn't with stuff from my garden.

Even though it wasn't on my original list - I can't forget to mention one of the most exciting things that happened this month - Shaina and Jenny came to visit!

August Goals

I'm sorry to say but this month's goals are a wee bit narrow in focus. I'll trust that you can all understand why :)

1. Finish getting baby's room ready.

2. Buy, wash, and organize baby's cloth diapers.

3. Finish gathering and organizing birth supplies for home birth.

4. Pack mine and baby's hospital bag so we are prepared to transfer to hospital if necessary.

5. Finish stocking the freezer with food for post baby days.

6. Celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.

7. Can pickled beets with my mom.

8. Celebrate my mom's birthday (which, yes, was way back in June - but this will be the first time she's been able to come visit since then).

9. Attend my second baby shower.

10. Put my feet up, relax, rest and enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy!


Jackie said...

In the home stretch already...I can't believe it! So excited for you!

Gina said...

Your goal-setting and reaching is so impressive. I was just thinking today that I need to pack our bags. And no matter what, I WILL finish assembling the baby's mobile today. You have inspired me!

Lucky in Love said...

I think it's safe to say that the next time I see you you will have a baby in your arms :)

And did you know that I have never seen you NOT pregnant? Weird, huh? :)

Elizabeth said...

Ahhhhhh!!! I am SO excited for you!!! Your first baby arrives next month!! There's just nothing more amazing than holding your first baby for the first time and feeling that immediate, amazing bond. I can't wait for you to feel that!!

Brooke said...

EEEEEE how exciting that its getting so close. i think that #10 is a wonderful goal

This Texas Momma said...

Only one full month left? Amazing! How great to still be able to meet all of your goals, and I'm pretty sure you will be just as successful this month!

Shaina said...

I cannot even believe it! You are SO close to having that little bebe. I am sooooooo excited!!!! And as always, your goals exhaust me. I think maybe I'll go back to sleep now. Giggle.

Laura said...

Looks like you guys are getting a lot done!! I can't believe you're getting so close to your due date! When are you considered "full-term"?

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Oh my gosh, I am so excited for you!! To think that soon your little one is going to be with you. Good luck with all of your goals for this month. I pray they all get accomplished and you feel so much peace and rest during these last few weeks of your pregnancy!

SnoWhite said...

what fun!! yeah for lots of baby items on the to-do list :)

Bon said...

What kind of cloth diapers are you using? Can you let me know what you think of them? It is the one thing that I have been researching and after all the research I'm leaning toward Grovia.