Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friends Like That

If you were to ask me one or two years ago if I ever thought that some of my best friend's could be women I met on the Internet, I'd laugh at you.

Meeting people on the Internet is only for crazies.



When I started my blog, I really had no idea what blogging could add to my life. I thought my mom might read it. Maybe my siblings. You know, people who I know.

But then I started to find other bloggers with similar interests as me. I started to get to know Taryn, SnoWhite, Shaina, Jenny, Lindsey, Jackie, Kayla, Brittany, and so many others ...

I started to look forward to reading their blogs, getting comments from them, e-mailing with them, tweeting with them, texting with them, and, well ... sharing with them.

I started to consider these women my friends. My dear friends.

Then I started to get sad that I didn't know any of them in "real life" and that perhaps, I might never know some of them in real life.

And then, in February that began to change when I had a chance to meet Shaina and Jenny on a weekend road trip. And in June, I met SnoWhite as she passed through my neck of the woods!

So, this weekend as I hung out with Shaina and Jenny again, here in the great worth north, for part two of bloggy road trip 2010, I realized that it is good to have friends like this. Even if we are all crazies who met on the Internet.

It's good to have friends who will drive up to 10 hours to visit for the weekend and who won't get jealous when their dog would much rather cuddle with you and your preggo belly than with them.

It's good to have (furry) friends who can forgive each other and make up, even after having a few little fights.

It's good to have friends who will go to your favourite ice cream place with you and then sit in the backseat of your car as your husband chauffeurs you around the local area and shows them all the great sites there are to see - including the great Canadian fox.

It's good to have friends whose lives revolve around food just as much as mine does and who are eager and willing to indulge in all sorts of fancy Canadian treats like dill pickle chips, butter tarts, nanaimo bars, poutine, and maple syrup!

It's good to have friends who enjoy roaming around the farm, taking a look at the chickens, and going for a swim in the pond.

It's good to have friends who think it's funny to put on the fake pregnancy belly at the maternity store to send a photo to their husband who has been deployed for the past six months.

It's good to have friends who you can go to an all you can eat Brazilian grill and not worry about being judged for the fact that you may have just consumed the largest amount of food in the history of the planet and have made it so that your unborn child no longer has a single inch of space to move around inside your uterus.

It's good to have friends who will park in the "Expectant Mother's Parking" space with you for the very first time ever (and maybe only time) when you're heading to WalMart to buy a fake wedding band because your sausage fingers won't allow you to wear your wedding rings.

It's so good to have friends like that.


Gina said...

Such a cute post! I am dying to meet some of my bloggy friends!

d.a.r. said...

I'm trying to think of all of the different ways I can say "I am so jealous". But, I am so jealous I can barely think straight! I am so coming next time :)

Brooke said...

as a crazy who met her hubby on the internet - i know what a valuable tool it is for meeting awesome people! glad yall had suck a great time

(I'm always tempted to park in the expectant mother parking and dare someone to say something to me)

SnoWhite said...

bloggy friends are the best :)

I'm so glad that you had such a fun time with friends. And, it's pretty cool that you got a photo of that fox!

Meg said...

Looks like ya'll had a lot of fun! :)

Heather said...

How cute, your belly is too cute!

Jackie said...

So glad you don't think I'm a "crazy"...but then again maybe you do. ;) It is so incredibly neat that you got to have so more fun with your bloggy friends. Hopefully someday we'll be able to catch up too...despite being on opposite "coasts." :)

Kayla said...

Too funny, I actually thought meeting and talking to people on the internet was for crazies too! :-) But there are normal people out there, I suppose... Whatever your view of normal may be!

I cannot wait to meet you someday and Shaina and hopefully many other fabulous women that I have met through blogging!

Looks like you guys had a great weekend! And I have to say, I am quite jealous!

Brittany Ann said...

It is good to have friends who will send you cards on one of the darkest days of your life! You were the first to make me smile, love. THanks:)

And Shaina, with that belly on, was the second:)

Although, I'm still a little frowny because we don't have dill pickle chips here:(

Shaina said...

Best weekend in a LONG time. Probably the best weekend I have had since I got to see Matt in April! seriously. Love you.

This Texas Momma said...

I think I forgot to tell you the other day that I'm so glad you got to meet up with more friends. It looks like ya'll had such a great time! And I'm glad we're friends too. ;)

Lucky in Love said...

I love this post :) And I could not love you more! Thank you SO MUCH for everything! I had an amazing, amazing time :)

Kristen @ ladybug-blessings.com said...

y'all are absolutely adorable!! I haven't met anyone :(

Emily said...

You look so cute in your pictures!!!

Joel and Cindy said...

Just read this post...you have expectant mother parking at Walmart???!!!! That's amazing!!!!!!!! I looked at the date on this post (since it was awhile ago) and ironically it's the same day my son was born! :)