Monday, July 19, 2010

A Little Boy's Birthday

I spent the majority of last week at my parent's house, hanging out with all the girls in the family and Little H while the boys were up in Quebec on a fishing trip that they got as a gift from "Santa" for Christmas.

We spent most of the week just chilling out together but there were two special events that took place. Little H celebrated his 2nd birthday and my sisters and mom hosted my first baby shower. Since my baby shower was on the same day as Little H's birthday, we celebrated a few days early.

We packed up early in the morning and headed out to meet up with Shanna and her kids to spend a few hours at Storybook Gardens.

One of the first things we saw, the Little H just loved, were the Sea Lions.

He said he wanted to "Kiss dem Sea Lion. Catch it sea lion" and we found him talking about the Sea Lions quite often throughout the remainder of the week.

Little H and Mommy watching the Sea Lions.

Shanna and C enjoyed checking them out, too!

After the Sea Lions, we went to play in the play ground for a while.

Those slides are just too much fun to handle!

Then we watched a Puppet Show. Well, some of us watched a puppet show. C did not like them puppets, so Logi took him away to play in the playground while the rest of us watched. I thought the show was so neat since it was telling one of my very favorite childhood stories about the Little Red Hen who tried to get all the other animals to help her plant the wheat, harvest the wheat, grind the wheat, and bake the bread, only to find that everyone was too busy to help until the fresh bread was made and they could smell the deliciousness. Has anyone else heard that story before?

During the show, some of us just chilled.

After the show, we got to take a turn becoming some favorite nursery rhymes.

Then, we sat down to enjoy a picnic.

And finally, before we headed home, the boys got to take a spin on the Carousel.

We drove home and spent the afternoon playing, opening presents and watching Diego. Ah the life of a 2 year old.

For supper, we had tacos and ice cream sundaes which Little H clearly enjoyed.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest two year old on the block! Auntie Li Li loves you.


SnoWhite said...

awesome fun! I'm sure those little kiddos loved sharing the day with you :)

Carrie said...

That Little Red Hen story was also commonly read at our house!

Brooke said...

what cute kids! :) baby girl is gorgeous

Jessica said...

Cute pictures!! I love nursery rhymes and Little Red Hen was one of my favorites as a kid :)

Annie said...

aw! what cute kiddos!!
the little baby is just adorable!! looks like ya'll had a fun day.

Lucky in Love said...

Oh my goodness...the children in your family are just the cutest!!! Glad you had a great day :)

Can't wait to hear how your shower went!!

Brittany Ann said...

I love how you're 31 weeks pregnant and sliding down kiddie slides! So you!

Anonymous said...

Too fun! My kids love Storybook Gardens, especially the splashpad. Sounds like you had a great time.

This Texas Momma said...

What a fun birthday! And of course I've heard of the Little Red Hen, I used to use it for a whole week's worth of lessons when I taught kindergarten. Looking forward to a recap of the shower tomorrow!