Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A few months in....

A few months ago, I posted and told you about a major life change that the Fabulous Dude and I were making. In that post, I told you that the Dude was leaving the job he had worked at for the past 5 years in order to start his own business as a sub contractor. Since that day, I realize I have not mentioned his employment again.

I decided now that we are a few months in to the new job, I should give a little update on how things are going.

The first few months of the Dude's new job have been exciting, stressful, busy, tiring, and have taken some getting used to. But, he's happy. I'm happy. We're happy.

The hours are different - he leaves a bit earlier and usually gets home later, which makes our evenings feel like they go by much more quickly. There have also been days, and weeks, where he has been working well into the evening and night. One of those weeks was the hottest week we've had all summer and the heat, added to the fact that I was already in bed by the time he got home every night, added to the fact that I have crazy preggo hormones coursing through my body, did not make for a happy Lucy.

But, we managed. And in exchange for the longer hours, he also has more flexibility and is able to be off if he wants or needs to be for any reason.

Aside from the different hours, the actual work that the Dude is doing is more challenging, more fulfilling, and more enjoyable for him. He's learning new things each day and coming home feeling as though he has accomplished a great deal in a day. Even within the first few weeks of making the change, I started to notice a significant difference in his attitude and outlook on life. He's more satisfied, and it's obvious.

Since the change required the Dude to start his own business, there has been a significant increase in the amount of paperwork and organization that goes along with it. And because I am currently a SAH/WAHM2B (that stands for stay at home/work from home Mama 2 be, okay?) I have taken on the majority of this end of the deal. It makes sense for us because I am home most of the time, I am the one who uses the computer most, and does most of the organization for other areas of our life, and well, I am the one who likes that kind of stuff. I've got excel spreadsheets coming out my wazoo tracking the income and expenses for the business and keeping track of everything that needs to be kept tracked of. It has definitely taken some learning and communication between the two of us to figure out a system that works for us, but I think that we've managed fairly well.

Another "responsibility" I have taken on to help the Dude out with his new job is packing his lunch. At his old job, he ate in a lunch room/cafeteria with a fridge, microwave etc., so he usually just grabbed whatever leftovers we had and took them to heat up. And, if we didn't have anything laying around for him to take, we always knew he had the option of purchasing a cheap lunch at work. Now, those amenities are not available and seriously, folks, it has taken me some major adjustment to get used to buying and making things to have on hand for his lunches. He takes a lunchbox with him so it has become my routine to make him a sandwich, grab him a few snacks, and stick the pail in the fridge before going to bed. Then in the morning he can just grab it, throw in some ice packs and be on his way. I feel bad because his lunch is the same almost every day - which is super boring IMHO, but he doesn't seem to mind.

Lastly, the other big (and perhaps most important) thing that has changed with the new job is the amount of coffee that is brewed and drank in our home. We used to be weekend coffee makers only because he always had his morning coffee when he arrived at work. Now, I also have made it a habit to set the coffee pot before bed so it's ready to just be clicked on in the morning. A coffee pot with a timer would be so lovely (Do you hear that, Santa? Are you listening?) Since he started his new job, we've been through 2 large tins of coffee and one tin used to last us for months and months and months.

Even though I was so hesitant about making this huge transition, I feel confident that the Lord is guiding us through it all. I am glad to have had a few months to get adjusted to new routines and responsibilities before we become parents and seeing how much happier my Fabulous Dude is makes me know that it's more than worth it.


Shaina said...

Yay! I am so glad that he is so happy and fulfilled in his new job. Totally worth the excel!

Jackie said...

So happy the transition seems to be going well for you both in most respects. I know how the lonely evenings go...takes some getting used to for sure. But then, I sometimes seem to get more done too. :)

This Texas Momma said...

I am so glad that it's going smoothly and positively for ya'll! I'm also glad you've upped your coffee intake. I'm always on board for that. ;) So you make his sandwiches at night? Do they turn out soggy? I've told Cody he needs to start taking sandwiches, but I always forget to get up in the morning and he never has time.

Gina said...

Sounds like things are going so well. You are such a good wifey to make his lunches. :)

Taryn said...

Glad things are going well. I hope things continue to get easier and easier as the changes become more normal.

Tricia said...

being happy at your job is so hugely important to how a person (and family) functions. we are in a "not so happy" mode right now with J's work. I yearn for those better days. They will come. I know. I'm just not patient. ;)

Tell E that I said congrats and good luck!!

SnoWhite said...

Thanks for the update -- I'm so thankful that the Lord is blessing you two, teaching you both and encouraging you both through this new job!