Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Story

I’ve blogged about our love story in the past. A few years ago, as we were approaching our 3rd anniversary, I wrote a fully detailed 7 part story highlighting how we met, became friends, fell in love, got engaged and became man and wife. Seven parts might seem like a lot but it was necessary considering we had about 12 years to cover between our first introduction and the day we walked down the aisle.

Nearly three years has passed since I wrote that story and a lot has changed in those three years. We’ve graduated from 2 degrees, started a new business, started a new career, welcomed a child and became pregnant with our second. Oh yeah? And, more importantly, I’ve met a ton of new blog friends who have likely never heard or read the story of how we came to be Us.

So today I’m linking up with the lovely From Mrs to Mama who’s hosting a Love Story Linkup between now and Valentine’s Day. Of course, I can’t cover every thing in one post, so I’m giving you a sort of summary and, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll follow the links and read the entire story.

Our story begins when we were about 8 years old and met at a youth rally and then continues when we became friends at summer camp. It gets even juicier when I began stalking him and taking sneaky photos with him in the background because I was too chicken to actually snap a photo of the guy. The next few years passed with us seeing each other a few times a year, at youth rallies and summer camp, and me being too shy to ever say more than Hi to the cute boy with the hat from Papua New Guinea.

Part two takes us to three years in high school where we were in the same class at a Christian Boarding School where we went from being best friends to worst enemies every other week. Here we struggled together as both of our mom’s faced breast cancer and we learned a lot about life and each other. During this time, Evan went through a rough patch and I found myself hurting for him in a way I couldn’t understand.

Part three is where the story gets really good when the high school hottie confessed his love for me just one week before graduation and just one week before we walked the aisle at commencement together as Mr and Mrs GL. Trust me, you gotta read it to believe it.

Next up, we go through a summer of separation where I battled confusion, entirely unsure of what my future would hold in terms of university and a pending relationship with the boy of my dreams. The summer ended with him coming home from his job at camp and asking if he could visit me.

In part five, we date. We fall in love. And it is just mushy and beautiful. Go, go now. Read.

Part six is probably the best portion of all, where my sweet love put together the most elaborate plan he has ever conspired and somehow completely surprised me when he proposed to me on horseback. This portion of the story even includes photos of scrapbook pages since it took place way back in the olden days when we didn’t have digital cameras.

In the last part, I became his wife in a wedding celebration that completely made all my dreams come true. We committed our lives to each other in front of our family, friends and our God. And we’ve never, ever looked back.


Lindsey said...

I love this!!! And you bet believe that I clicked each link because you had me sooo intrigued!!! Xoxox

Gina said...

Oh my gosh, taking pics of him in the background is TOTALLY something I would have done at that age. So so so funny.

Britt said...

Love all the stories of your love story! You guys are adorable!