Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mom Fail

Yesterday was a big day for Eva. She ventured into a foreign land. That's right, Eva, Nana and I spent yesterday shopping in the states. Once again, she shopped like a pro. We scored quite a few good deals and I was able to get some bigger sized clothes for E for Christmas, a few other Christmas gifts, some nursing-mama friendly clothing (Thank you Target for cardigans and open sweaters), and four cases of Cherry Coke Zero. Don't judge. We can't get it in Canada and it's my coffee.

Before we left for our shopping trip, the Dude transferred the base of the car seat from my car into my Mom's car as that was the vehicle we were taking.

We arrived home about 3 pm and my mom was planning to head home shortly after. So, we unloaded the car, organized some of the stuff I bought and I headed back out to transfer the base back from her car to mine.

Um, fail. Major Mom fail.

I could not for the stinkin' life of me figure out how to get that stupid thing disconnected from the anchorage system.

I have said it before and I will say it again - there is nothing like fancy shmancy baby equipment to make you feel incompetent as a mother.

I tried to loosen the strap. No luck. I tried to unclip the hinges. No luck. I could see how it was supposed to come undone but I could not figure out how to do it.

So, I went inside and called the Dude's cell phone. Voicemail. Sweet. His phone was dead.

I went back outside and tried again.

Meanwhile, my Mom was dealing with Miss FussPotMcGee.

I still could not figure out how to get the bloody thing out.

So, I called my sister. She explained to me how to do it. But apparently her base is slightly different than mine because there was definitely no red and white button thingy to turn.

So, my mom called my Dad.

Of course ... Daddy saved the day!

He was able to explain to me how to loosen the strap on the UAS so that there would be enough give to get the clips unhinged.

Once I finally got it out - about 30 minutes after we arrived home - I told my mom that my plot to trap her there with us forever failed.

I guess it's time for me to have the Dude give me a crash course in manhandling all our baby's junk.


Jacqueline and Andy said...

One of my first solo outings with Roscoe (when he was 3 or 4 weeks old) turned into a huge frustration when I could not figure out how to open the stroller, and then how to attach the car seat. This experience must be universal--and it would be incomplete without a screaming unhappy child!

SnoWhite said...

oh no! I'm glad that your dad saved the day ... don't they always?! :)

Emily said...

You sound just like me. I have absolutely no idea how our carseats work. My husband has installed and operated them since day one. I only know how to buckle the children in and thats it... no lie!

I love your little nickname, Miss FussPotMcgee...... LOVE it!

Jaclyn_Rose said...

Okay I totally hate those things too! I think i've broken a couple of nails trying to unhook them - I now ONLY use the seatbelt to secure car-seats... I figure they wouldn't give you that option if it wasn't safe!

I'm glad you had a good time shopping though!

Jackie said...

My husband told me you and I were kindred spirits--Cherry Coke Zero is my fave too. :)

Your braver than me--in two years I have NEVER even attempted to change car seats/bases from my vehicle to another. I always have my husband do it. (And if my husband wasn't available--my daddy would always save the day too!)

Holly said...

Wait til the day you drive all over the place with the baby in the carseat and then when you get home realize that the base was not buckled in! Oh, yes, I did.

Karlala said...

At first I thought you forgot to buckle her in!
Whenever something like that happens to me I say, "I can't be perfect ALL.the.time" haha
You are such a wonderful Mommy :)

Kristina said...

Isn't it funny what products they decide to sell in Canada or in the states and not the other? My husband would do anything for all-dressed chips to be sold here in the states, but my sister-in-law buys her mountain dew in the states to take with her to Canada because she claims it tastes different. :) Crazy! I would take cherry coke zero with me- I love that stuff!

Kristin said...

Don't worry, I know how to do ours in theory but in reality by DH has to do it.

d.a.r. said...

Mmmmmm I love Cherry Coke Zero!!

And don't worry, as long as you can operate the baby, the rest of that crap doesn't matter :). That's what husbands (and dads!) are for!

Ashley said...

I tagged you on my blog!! ;)