Friday, July 2, 2010

June Review and July Goals

I cannot.cannot.cannot believe that another month has come and gone! Yesterday was Canada Day and I celebrated by doing - well, the same thing I do most days. The Dude was working so it didn't feel much like a holiday, except that all the stores were closed and the farm was packed with people picking cherries.

Let's take a look and see what happened in June...

1. Defend (and hopefully pass) thesis.

Done! My thesis defense went super well and I was so grateful for all the prayers and support from each of you.

2. Complete all final touch ups, revisions, and paperwork for school. Apply to graduate! Woo hoo (although I don't actually get to attend my graduation ceremony, boo hoo).

I had to do some minor revisions to my conclusion after my defense so I got them done the very next day and printed my copies and handed them in early last week. I have applied to graduate in October and it looks like it's all set. The only thing I have yet to do is figure out if there are any forms I need to submit to the scholarship agencies to let them know I have completed my program.

3. Complete childbirth classes.

We completed our childbirth classes earlier in June. We both felt that they were very beneficial and we learned a lot about labour, childbirth and caring for a newborn. The countdown is on!

4. Welcome a new member to our extended family (any day now, Kris).

This was actually completed in May, but I had written and scheduled my June post the day before. Baby A was born on May 30th, making Little H the cutest big brother on the block!

5. Travel north for the annual Vine family reunion.

I got home on Tuesday night and had a great time. Check it out here! While I was up there, my cousins' wife took some awesome maternity photos for me.

6. Begin "pre-baby" projects - coming soon!

I have started purging and reorganizing our home to make room for baby. You can check out all the projects I have on the go on my sidebar. The big one - redo the nursery, has yet to be done!

7. Stand up in Caley's wedding!! Whoo hoo!

Caley's wedding was so beautiful and such a blast. If you didn't get a chance, check out the pics and recap here.

8. Finish current Beth Moore bible study.

The study finished up last week but I wasn't able to attend the last class as I was just getting home from my sister's. The next one will likely start up in the fall so we'll see if I can get involved with it, depending on when the baby makes his entry into the world.

June was a big month for us. Other than what is listed here, there were many other happenings that took place ... We took a short weekend getaway together after my thesis defense, I met SnoWhite, the garden is growing, we have some new baby chicks, and the FD left his previous job and is now self-employed as a sub-contractor doing a variety of renovations! It was busy, it was stressful, it was chaotic and it went by quickly. Here's hoping for a bit of a rest during the month of July.

So what's on the schedule for this month ....

1. Visit with our friend's from Ohio.

2. Visit the in-laws.

3. Replace carpet in baby's room (um, this is actually not on my list. Hint, hint, FD).

4. Set up baby's room - arrange furniture and start adding all the finishing touches.

5. Condense and purge scrapbooking/crafting/board game cabinet. This is going to be a daunting task. I keep thinking about doing it and finding a reason why I should wait just a bit longer. Yesterday I opened it, took a look at it for about 5 minutes, closed it, and walked away. IT.MUST.GET.DONE.

6. Send FD away on a boy's fishing trip and spend some girl time with my mom and sisters.

7. Attend my baby shower.

8. Get a hair cut (can't tell you how badly I need this one).

9. Organize freezers and freeze cherries for the winter.

10. Begin harvesting and preserving veggies from the garden.


Brooke said...

you're always so good at meeting your monthly goals.

have fun at the inlaws! ;)

SnoWhite said...

yea for harvests!!! can't believe all the cherries and blueberries are ready :)

Lois Lane II said...

I am so impressed with Nos. 9 and 10. I wish I did stuff like that!

This Texas Momma said...

Friend, you've got a lot to do this month! Wish I could help!

Rona's Home Page said...

Busy bee!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a great way to keep track of your progress -- Go go go :)