Monday, July 5, 2010

The View From Here #3

Things in the garden are growing like weeds. Um, literally. There are quite a few weeds out there. So please just ignore those in the photos.

This week we will get to start enjoying some of the veggies - lettuce, swiss chard, beet tops, radishes, and onions are all ready! We may even get to harvest some baby potatoes. My fingers are crossed.

I'm not sure why but blogger keeps rotating some of my pictures, so I apologize in advance if anyone gets a sore neck while reading this post from craning to see them the right way.

The cucumber plant is growing so well, with a number of blossoms starting to show.

Some kind of squash - I've lost track of what's what.

This poor little acorn squash isn't doing so well. I'm hoping that there's still a chance.

Here you can see the okra, turnips, and some of the tomatoes. Everything is going strong. I am soooo looking forward to fried okra!



Tomatoes - many of the plants are showing blossoms but I have yet to spy an actual tomato growing.

Our very first peppers of 2010! Yay!

The potato plants are massive. Hopefully this week we'll have a chance to dig a few up.

Beans - starting to blossom.

Swiss chard and lettuce.

The onions are ready to be dug!

Zucchini ... I don't know if I'm quite prepared for the onslaught of zucchini that's coming my way.

And a picture of the whole garden ...

Hopefully the next time I post a View From Here post, it will include some chitter chatter about what I've made/eaten from the garden. Until then, happy growing!


Gina said...

All my plants died. I have the blackest thumb ever. :(

New England Girl said...

I'm trying to do garden updates, but I'm about 4 weeks behind on my photos and whatnot. But your garden looks great! I'm so jealous of how well everything is coming along. Like you, my weeds are growing like crazy. I try to pull as many as possible, but it's so easy to become distracted! :)

Brooke said...

our one and only tomato is looking pathetically sad. hopefully we can water it and bring it back around.

Emily said...

Your garden is looking great! Our garden, well really my dads but we eat from it, is just about to wither away.... we haven't had any rain in DAYS and very hot weather upper 90's.