Thursday, April 9, 2009

Q&A - Answers Part Two

The questions have kept coming and so will the answers. This is a blast. You can see my answers to the first round of questions that readers asked me here. As long as you keep asking, I'll keep answering.

Holly asked: "What are you doing your graduate work in, and what are your career plans when you're done?"

Answer: I am currently working on a Master of Arts degree in Child and Youth studies. What exactly is that, you ask? Well, I'm not sure. It's an interdisciplinary department that explores children and youth through the lenses of psychology, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, media studies, women's studies etc. My research kind of takes on the sociological/cultural studies/media/women's studies approach and looks at "Smart Girls" in high school. Specifically, I look at how two dominant ways of speaking about girls (as either victimized and oppressed and as empowered and confident) shape their experiences in their classrooms. It's all quite interesting to me. My career plans? Don't ask. I really don't have a clue what I'm going to be when I grow up. The program is not an education degree. After my undergrad degree in Child and youth, most people go on to teacher's college but after working as an assistant in a JK/SK class and doing placements in primary school, I decided teaching is not for me. There are many options available with my degree but I haven't really narrowed in on where I want to go. So, we'll see where the Lord takes me once this step is done.

Anon asked: "What is your favourite Sunday of the month? The first, second, third, fourth or if you're lucky, fifth?"

Answer: Well, that's obvious. The fifth one of course. Thanks for asking.

Anon asked: "Who do you think is a better person? Katie or Amy?"

Answer: Depends on who is the one asking all these strange questions. Whichever one is asking, the opposite one is a better person.

Anon asked: Where does your sister fit into your description of best friends? Or is she in a class all on her own?

Answer: I have no idea what this really means but I'm going to go with a class of her own. My sister is bizarre and she can't be compared to anyone else. But she does rock my world.

Kristin (my sister) asked: "If you could do one thing with your nephew what would it be?"

Answer: At this moment? Snuggle and dance with him. I miss that lil gaffer so much. Eight hours is too far apart. At any time during my life? I would love to take him to the zoo someday.

Snow White asked: "What is your favorite ingredient to cook with? What's your most loved cooking tool in the kitchen?"

Answer: My favorite ingredient is mushrooms. I put mushrooms in nearly every main dish I cook. If the recipe doesn't call for mushrooms, I find a way to add them. I'm sure you're not surprised about this answer if you read this post. A close second is cumin. It is my absolute favorite spice. Oh yeah, and chocolate is pretty grand as well (as I devour a Dark chocolate mint lindor from my secret stash). My most loved cooking tool in the kitchen...? How dare you ask me to choose just one. I wouldn't want to hurt the feelings of any of other things. I actually use most(all) of my "special" kitchen tools and appliances. I think that's just because I have tons of cupboard space and so everything is easily accessible. In our old place, a lot of my not-so-common kitchen tools were in storage and I hardly ever lugged them out. But here, I have everything within reach. So, my most loved ... I think I have to go with ....

...the bread machine. To the rest of my precious kitchen tools/appliances/gadgets, please know that Mama still loves you.

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter weekend. Enjoy your time spent with your family and friends and don't eat TOO much! We are spending the long weekend with the FD's family. He was going to go on his own and I was going to stay home to get some more work done but a few nights ago our 2 1/2 year old neice called to talk to me and said "I love you to my house now". I think the translation is "I'd love for you to come to my house please". Who can say no to that cuteness?


Taryn said...

While we are studying different things in school- your answer to what you will do next is mine exactly. sigh. (P.S. Cool topic- what are you finding exactly?)

My question: Where is the best place on Earth you have ever been?

Snow White said...

right on with the mushrooms, dark chocolate and the breadmaker! although, my ice cream maker is pretty high on my list too.

Tereasa said...

I'm glad you decided to go. You need another break!

Ok, here's my question. What's your fav thing to do on a Wednesday night? Tee-hee.

S. said...

of course you can quote me! thanks for asking. :)