Saturday, April 11, 2009

Q&A - Answers Part Three

Taryn asked: "What is the best place on earth you've ever been?"

Answer: I was having a lot of trouble thinking of an answer to this question. I wasn't sure how to pick the best place. Then, I read S.'s answer to this same question, and immediately I knew my answer. Here's part of what she wrote: "Have you ever been somewhere or with someone and you felt the strongest sense of peace and joy and you recognized it as God wrapping his arms around you, saying, "Child, this is what happiness is. Breath and I will take care of everything."... as soon as I read that I knew the best place on earth I've ever been is on top of the bluff at Strawberry Point Christian Camp. This is the summer camp I grew up going to. It's where I officially met my husband and many of my closest friends and most importantly, it's where I accepted Christ as my savior. One of the activities at this camp is hiking up a rock face to the bluff and spending a time in devotion while looking out over a magnificently beautiful view of God's creation. Although I grew up in a Christian home and was surrounded by God's word through my entire life, this was the place where I first felt God and knew Him as my own God.
Tereasa asked: "What's your fav thing to do on Wednesday nights?"

Answer: Hang out with you, eat popcorn (with not TOO much salt on it), drink Pepsi and watch LOST! Occasionally add some chocolate and there couldn't be anything better!

Thanks for all the questions, everyone.


S. said...

I have not yet asked a question so here goes:

what is your favorite thing about being a woman? and least favorite? (we could guess the last one...;))

Tereasa said...

Good answers!!! Tee-hee.