Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Q&A - Answers Part One

Wow! I've received some really interesting questions today since I asked you to ask away! I've had fun thinking about how I am going to respond to all of them throughout the day. So, I'll give them my best shot.

My brother asked me: "Have you ever peed your pants in an arena?"

Answer: Yes. When I was about 8 maybe my brother and I begged my dad to let us go to the arena with him one night and watch him play hockey. It was probably past our bedtime and everything but he let us. Actually, that's the way I remember it. The truth is my mom was probably out for the night and he didn't want to miss hockey so he made us tag along. About half way through the game I realized I had to piddle. I went to the washroom and started to undo my belt. But, things did not go as plan. For some reason I was unable to undo the belt. I went back into the stands and asked my brother to assist me. Being the kind older brother that he is, he refused. He would not help me get my belt undone and alas, I went my pants all alone in the ladies room at the arena. Evan had to go knock on the glass at my dad's bench and tell him what had happened. My dad's response, "Well, she'll just have to wait". I sat in my own urine for the rest of the game. Thank you so much, dear brother, for asking that question.

Denise asked me: "What is your biggest pet peeve? What things irritate you?"

Answer: I had trouble thinking of an answer to this one. Not because I am some incredibly patient person with no pet peeves but because I have so many. To pick just one ... Well, I wouldn't say this is my BIGGEST pet peeve but I will share it because it is currently irking me at this moment. In our living room, we have a 3 seat couch and a 2 seat love seat. The way the room is arranged, there is one spot out of the five that is ideal for watching TV and being comfortable which is the corner seat of the couch. IT IS MY PET PEEVE WHEN MY HUSBAND SITS DOWN THERE AND WILL NOT MOVE TO LET ME HAVE THE GOOD SPOT. Yeah, you guessed it. I'm sitting on the love seat while he's stretched out in the good spot. But for real, a big pet peeve of mine is when there are spelling and/or grammar mistakes on professional things. For example, last year we got a letter from our vet clinic letting us know Nika was due for her shots and the letter appeared to have been written by a six year old. This drives me absolutely bonkers because it makes their business seem so unprofessional. This is also the case when I see mistakes on signs, billboards and other such things. I wish I could write all day about my pet peeves but I will leave it at that.

C asked: "If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?"

Answer: Hands down, fresh cut chip wagon french fries loaded with ketchup and vinegar.

Ashley @ The Happy Little Home asked: "Do you like living in Canada? Do you think it's a lot different from the US?"

Answer: Hmm. This is tough. I would say, yes I like living in Canada, although I have nothing to compare it to. I've never lived anywhere else. Do I think it's a lot different from the US? Well, in day to day living, no I don't think so although there are a number of features that define the two countries. I only live 25 minutes from the border to the US so I do spend a bit of time there. I like Canada because I really like getting to experience all four seasons each year (although sometimes SOME seasons like to stick around a little too long), I love living in an igloo, driving my dog sled to work and drinking beer all day while watching hockey and chasing polar bears.

My Aunt Shelley asked: "Do you still use a lot of TP like you did in that picture in grandma's bathroom?"

Answer: I guess I need to explain this one. My grandma has a picture on display in her washroom of a little girl, about 2 or 3, sitting on the toilet with her dress pulled up, surrounded by an entire roll of toilet paper. That little girl? That'd be me. No, Aunt Shelley, I no longer use that much toilet paper. Are you kidding? I have to PAY for that stuff myself now. One sheet maximum! But seriously, that's a funny question because I distinctly remember Grandma teaching me that if I "folded" my TP rather than scrunching it up into a ball I could manage with a using a lot less paper and getting more of the job done. Sounds like a silly lesson, but I still fold my toilet paper to this day. (Do I notice a theme among the questions being asked by my family members?)

Shalay asked: "If you had to choose 5 movies to watch for the rest of your life, what would they be?"

Answer: Tough one...I guess I would choose 1. Pride and Prejudice, 2. Beauty and the Beast, 3. Cheaper by the Dozen, 4. Mona Lisa Smile, 5. Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban. I surely hope the day never comes when I actually have to make this choice. I love watching movies.

Sassenachs in Scotland asked: "What are you doing on April 29th?"

Answer: Stepping off a plane in Glasgow and being greeted by YOU!

Anon asked: "When did you know you were going to marry your fabulous dude? Is there a specific moment that sticks out in your mind?"

Answer: One time during high school I remember a group of us talking about our futures and he said that he regularly prayed for the family he hoped to have someday in the future. He said he prayed for his future wife and his future children on a daily basis. I think that's when I knew that his children would be my children. That was about 2-3 years before we started dating. Once we started dating there was never a question in my mind. When we started dating we both just knew it was now "our" time and the rest is history.

Anon asked: "Whats your favourite memory from high school?"

Answer: Hmm, do I have to pick just one? High school rocked! My favourite memory though I think would probably be doing a lip sync to "Joyful, Joyful, Lord We Adore Thee" from Sister Act at the school talent show with Katie, Ashley and Mark. It was the first time we had ever convinced Katie to do something like that and she rocked the show!

Anon asked: "Who is your best friend?"

Answer: I always used to fight with my dad about this because he was convinced you can only have ONE best friend while I am of the persuasion that you can have different best friends in different categories. See, FD's my best friend because he's my soulmate and my life partner and I go to him first with everything. My mom is my best friend because she's always been there for me and takes care of me, to this day. But for the sake of the question, Katie is my BFF! Has been since we were about 13 and still is to this day because .....

Anon asked: "What is your favourite thing about your best friend?"

Answer: We are the same to the core. We've got roots.

Anon asked: "What are you afraid of?"

Answer: Snakes and my husband dying.

Anon asked: "If you were only allowed to read one novel for the rest of your life, what would it be?"

Answer: Twilight.

Anon asked: "Who is your favourite singer/group?"

Answer: I seriously cannot choose one. Probably Casting Crowns.

Anon asked: "What's your favourite colour?"

Answer: Green

Wow. I didn't mean to answer them all in one post but I was having so much fun that I couldn't stop. Got more questions? Keep asking!!



Holly said...

How did I miss this? Okay, here's my question, that maybe I should know already but don't: what are you doing your graduate work in, and what are your career plans when you're done?

Denise K. said...

What fun! You had some great questions and it was fun to read all your responses...I am glad that I am not the only one with potty stories...why is that?!? :-) I have a really embarrassing one, but I will have to send it to you privately because it is REALLY bad! ha ha

Oh, and my favorite color is green too! I absolutely adore green, especially a nice vibrant emerald green! :-)

What a fun post! Have a great day!

Denise :-)

Anonymous said...

What is your favourite Sunday of the month? The first, second, third, fourth or if you're lucky, fifth?

Anonymous said...

Who do you think is a better person? Katie or Amy?

Anonymous said...

Where does your sister fit into your description of best friends? Or is she in a class all on her own?

Kristin said...

If you could do one thing with your nephew what would it be?

Snow White said...

how fun! we have lots in common... except the whole fries and vinegar thing.

here are my questions - what is your favorite ingredient to cook with? and, what's your most loved cooking tool in the kitchen? :)

Tereasa said...

I could probably guess who Anon is...

Laura said...

Filip asks: Do you miss your dear friend Filip?