Sunday, March 29, 2009

Strange Things Make Me Sad

We were grocery shopping tonight (yes, I said we - I am so lucky that my hubby grocery shops with me!!) and I realized that strange things make me sad. I was very excited to go shopping because our grocery store was having an excellent $1, $2, $3 sale. When we arrived I realized that the rest of Canada had decided that this sale was great too because more than half of the produce items on my list were gone, completely gone. I nearly broke down in tears right there between the bananas and the oranges. The FD and I spent a few minutes brainstorming about our options ... we could drive to the next city to check their store (no), we could go to another store and pay double or more for the same items (no), we could wait and grocery shop another evening (no). Our only option was to change some of the meal ideas and do with what was available. This was sad for me. I mean, really sad.

But, thankfully, strange things make me happy too! We wandered over to the reduced to clear produce rack and scored! And you know how much I love the reduced to clear produce rack. Tonight I got 18 peppers (red, green and yellow) for a total of 3.20, five zucchinis for .59 and two cucumbers for .69! AND NONE OF THEM ARE ROTTEN. Also, although the lettuce that was on sale was all gone, I discovered they had bagged spinach for .99 so I can have spinach salad instead of plain boring salad and then I can put the rest of the spinach in a pasta dish we'll be having later in the week. Seriously, this is making my heart race, how sad is that?

All in all, after the great sadness of discovering that many items were gone, the only things we ended up without were mushrooms and celery. I admit, I'm still pretty sad about the mushrooms. I love mushrooms.

See, strange things make me sad.


Snow White said...

you're not alone. I often find that EVERYONE in my city is at the grocery store every time I go... and nothing that's on sale is ever there. I've gotten worked up over not getting my mushrooms either, especially when they are on sale for $1!!!!

ps - How did you like the bread?

Snow White said...

sorry to make you even more sad... I didn't read this until after I posted that recipe.

hope your Monday is fabulous... even without mushrooms.

Lucy Marie said...

I guess I'll survive - it just makes my appreciation for the mushrooms I DO have that much stronger.

Ashley @ The Happy Little Home said...

I am SO jealous about the peppers you got! I am nearly out of my reduced to sell peppers and have not seen any in so long!

Taryn said...

Oh no! I hope you will be able to come up with some other good stuff to make!

(I am totally jealous of "reduced to sell" produce. We don't really have that here. Darn. )

Holly said...

The strange this is, I get it! Once when we were first married, we were at the mall and I splurged on a lemon bar at Mrs. Fields. After they weighed it they told me the price, $3.xx. I had no idea it would be that much. Some weeks we only had $10 total to spend on groceries! I told them never mind (they hadn't given it to me yet) and they said they couldn't put it back. So I choked down my exhorbitent lemon bar, practically in tears, and didn't enjoy it at all.

Holly said...

Strange thing is
(That's what I meant.)