Tuesday, April 2, 2013

sugar bush

Last Monday, we went on a fun spring winter (I’m not even sure which word to use) to the Sugar Bush to see where maple syrup is made. We went with Evalyn’s preschool class. Let me tell you, there is something about going on a class trip with your kid (even if it is just preschool) that screams I AM A MOM. I have kind of always waited for the day that I’d get to go on all of these fun trips and since a crazy wind storm canceled our Pumpkin Patch trip in the fall, this was our first.

fb2  We were extra lucky because Nana came to visit to go on the trip with us. So fun!


We learned (or at least I learned … not sure Eva caught on to anything except the fact that we ate pancakes) so many interesting facts about making maple syrup, went on a tractor pulled wagon ride, a walk through the bush and enjoyed delicious pancakes smothered in real maple syrup.


I derive from Maple Syrup People so this is definitely my kind of treat. Over a week later, Eva is still talking about it – even though at the time, she spent a good portion of the morning whining about wanting to go back on the wagon ride. I just love these kind of fun adventures that bring her so much joy.


Mommy Mandy said...

SO fun!

Jennifer said...

Looks fun and I agree, sometimes I think, "I can't wait to go on field trips and take cupcakes to school" and then it's usually followed b, "whoa, I'm really a mom." :)

Jessica Gehman said...

"I derive from Maple Syrup People" funniest comment of the day. Glad you had so much fun!!!