Monday, April 1, 2013

March - Complete

Part way through March, I finally got around to setting some goals for myself. I kept it simple and easy – so that I would be sure to end the month with a sense of achievement. I planned to finish, organize, set up and decorate the playroom, organize the Tupperware cupboard, reorganize the kids books, specifically focusing on setting up a little book nook in Eva’s room for her paper back picture books (aka the books I don’t want the baby to destroy) and be intentional about crafting with Eva.

So, how did I do?

I achieved all my goals. The very first day. By 9 am.

APRIL FOOLS. (That’s for you, Jackie)

This month I really sucked. I did none of these things. Not one.

The playroom still isn’t finished (not entirely my fault, but a lot my fault).

The Tupperware cupboard is in shambles.

The books? As far as I got there was to put the paperback books in the cupboard of Evalyn’s night stand so they aren’t easily accessible to the baby. And well, the problem is, they aren’t easily accessible to Eva, either. Although she knows they are there and will go get a few to read together when I remind her, kids are visual and often when their toys/books are out of sight, they are out of mind too. So, I still need to work on setting something up that allows her to have quick and easy access to these books.

The crafting with Eva is the only area where I had remote success. And I guess that’s okay, because really that’s the most important part. The first couple weeks, when she wasn’t at preschool because of the flu and March break, I did very good at setting aside morning nap times to spend with her doing fun activities. But when she went back to school and our weeks were flying by at the normal busy pace I didn’t do so well. This one is a constant work in progress!

So, now, instead of flippantly throwing some April goals out on the table I want to take this week to really think. To look at my schedule for the month and evaluate what is going on around me before deciding what I hope to accomplish. Otherwise, I’ll end up feeling like a loser at the end of this month, too.

Hopefully I’ll be back next week with some real, attainable, hopes for the month of April.

For now, what’s your favourite April Fools joke?

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