Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter 2013 Recap … before Easter?

This is the obligatory Happy Easter post. The Easter bunny actually visited our place a week early, as we had originally had plans to be away over Easter, I wanted Evalyn to have the chance to do the egg hunt at home. Poor girl kept asking if we would go egg hunting out in the grass. Hate to break it to you girl, but an Easter egg hunt wearing a snowsuit just isn’t the same.

So last Sunday when my Mom came for a visit, she took the kids downstairs to play and while they were gone, Mr Easter Bunny made his appearance. When I went downstairs to tell Eva, of course she flipped and didn’t want to come upstairs because she didn’t want to see the Bunny. I don’t blame you kid, that Dude be creepy. I reassured her he was LONG GONE and just left treats behind. That seemed to solve the issue and she came right upstairs.

Of course, this is the first year that she’s really been into the whole Easter egg hunt thing, and it was adorable. Every time she found an egg, she would say “Oh silly Easter Bunny, this don’t beyong here! Des eggs don’t beyong with my movies. Dees eggs beyond in my basket!” She thought it as absolutely hilarious that he would put eggs in the places that he put them.

Here she is on the hunt….


blog post1

The Egg Hunt concluded on the couch where Mr Bunny had left their Easter buckets. And hello, pointless. All week all she has played with is the $2 straw basket and the empty plastic eggs. She could have cared less about the gifts!

blog post2

blog post4

And don’t worry … just because she’s yittle doesn’t mean Gwennie had to miss out on the fun.

blog post3 Because we did our Easter thing last weekend and ended up canceling our plans for this weekend, we’ll just be having a quiet weekend together as a family.

Today is Friday but praise be to God that Sunday is coming. The stone will roll away and by the grace of an almightily God, these beautiful babies of mine have the most amazing promise of redemption!

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Happy Easter!


Crystal Seed said...

Oh! Those girls are the cutest! Love them!

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Gina said...

I love that she thought the eggs were hilarious. That kid cracks me up. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

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