Thursday, June 7, 2012

I’m Pretty Sure…

I’m pretty sure I showered more when Evalyn was a tiny newborn infant than I do now. I won’t even tell you how many days I often go between showers. You'd disown me.


I’m pretty sure that cutting my hair to where I can barely fit it in a ponytail just weeks before giving birth to another child may not have been a good idea. I’m gonna be grubby (see above, also).


I’m pretty sure I would like to close my eyes and wake up 3 weeks from now, when the baby is due to be born, and Evan has had time to get lots of work done on the house, without actually having to live these 3 weeks.


I’m pretty sure it was rude for the Grandmother at the park to turn on the splash pad when (an obviously unsure) Evalyn and I were standing directly beside one of the soakers and there were no other kids in sight who were interested in playing in it.


I’m pretty sure that while Evalyn and I are Daddy-less most evenings over the next few weeks, we will be making it a tradition to eat a Popsicle every night.


I’m pretty sure that I might fall down like a ton of bricks the next time we go swimming. The weightlessness in the water is amazing. The opposite of weightlessness as I climb out of the pool with my toddler in my arms, however? Opposite of amazing.


I’m pretty sure that my Mom heart is never more full than when we are driving, listening to praise and worship music, and I hear Eva singing along. “My so, my so yust sing” (my soul, my soul must sing) are the sweetest words to my ears.


I’m pretty sure that this pelvic pain is the worst pain I’ve felt in my life. Not exaggerating. If this experience is like Evalyn, childbirth will be nothing compared to this pain. I can hear my bones grinding together when I shift my legs.


I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten more chips during this pregnancy than I have in my entire life.


I’m pretty sure I should be ashamed to admit that.


I’m pretty sure I’m not.


Meagan said...

Did you post a hair pic?

Mama B said...

Great post. That is all. :)

PS - I consume the most amount of chips ever in my life almost every day. And I'm not pregnant. Just call me tubby.

Lynsey said...

I think your hair looks great. I wish I had cut mine before C was born. It is way too long now and takes way too much time to fix.

Brittany Ann said...

Oh, girl, hang in there. I've been thinking of you a lot lately...long story. I'll have to send you (another) email later.

Also, I totally am with you on the showers. I somehow showered more when Ella was little than I do now when she's 1. Not sure how that even happened. Not that I showered a lot when she was little. Which shows how little I shower now. Basically, I'm just telling you I'm gross. So no worries. I get it:)

Crystal Seed said...

I'm pretty sure that you are pretty freakin awesome! :-)

Carey said...

I'm pretty sure this is the best post haha. I agree with the chips statement -- and I agree that I don't feel bad admitting that ;)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I can relate (and laugh at) so many of these things. Here we gooooo.

1. Definitely showered way more. Just hysterically sobbed (thank you hormones) to D about the fact that I last showered on SUNDAY NIGHT and it's THURSDAY and how being a mom is freaking endless and thankless.

2. Almost considered cutting my hair this week but had that thought. But my freaking split ends....grrr.

3. We aren't completely daddy-less but we have had a hard transition w/ the time lately & his evenings being filled up with other things, therefore--solo momming all day (see also: crazy hormonal mom), and we have adapted the freeze pop a night thing, too. YAY US.

4. I always feel like the biggest whale when getting out of the pool with a soaking wet me and Eme. SO HEAVY.

5. Agree about the music. Sweet love. My so, my so yust sing? dead.

6. I eat a lot of chips too. Hence why I know youre having a girl. Kidding. But really.

Okay. Wow. That was too long for a comment. Oh well. Sue me.

Amy Silver said...

I should be ashamed about chips too, but I'm not :) I definitely eat too many. Ok, truthfully, I don't understand the shower thing?! I hear so many people say this, but how does your hair still look good? Mine looks terrible after ONE day! I'm very intrigued (and jealous) of your secret. I would def be up for cutting out showers, haha. And yes, I figure that's why sugar free Popsicles were created, for everyday use, right??

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

I had that pelvic pain with Mia and it was horrible, so I can totally relate there and also...

chips, love them, pregnant or not!

Samantha said...

My heart just melted reading Eva's singing in the car. What a sweetheart!