Wednesday, June 13, 2012

38 Weeks

Hi! It’s me! I’ve been cruel and haven’t blogged for a few days. You’ve probably been sitting there on the edge of your seat, biting your fingernails, wondering if my lack of posts = baby. Well, surprise, it doesn’t. Truth is? We’ve just been busy. Plus, I’ve gotten addicted to Lipstick Jungle on Netflix, taking up much of my valuable blogging time. Plus, my laptop is being lame and freezes constantly, making blogging quite the chore (read: it’s already taken me 10 minutes to get this far into my post).

We are two weeks away from d-day, so I’m expecting a baby anytime within the next 10-21 days. Wow. So soon. Today, I’m feeling great so I am all “Wow! This is awesome. I love pregnancy. I could be pregnant forever”. Tomorrow, I will be all, “GET THIS ALIEN OUT OF MY BODY OR I MIGHT KILL A DUDE”.

38 weeks 002

I met with my midwife this morning. Baby is still head down and well engaged. Duh. I could have told you that one myself. Heartbeat is great and my blood pressure is steady. My GBS swab came back negative, so yay for no antibiotics and IV during this labour and I saw a very pleasant surprise on the scale. Hence the feeling good today, perhaps?

Sleep has been hit or miss. Some nights are not too bad at all, only requiring one potty break and a small throw pillow and other nights, I feel like I’m tossing and turning, peeing and rearranging pillows for hours on end. At this point, I’ll take what I can get and consider myself getting prepared for what’s to come.

Things are all set and ready for Baby to arrive. On my end, anyway. There is still quite a lot more work Evan would like to get done on the house before the Baby makes his/her appearance, but we both know we’re working on the Little One’s timeline at this point, and we’ll make it work no matter what day s/he decides to arrive. My inlaws were here on the weekend and while the boys slaved away at the house, my MIL, bless her heart, spent the day in the kitchen slaving away with me. Now, I’m stocked full. 15 ready-to-go meals, a dozen muffins and 3 rhubarb apple crisps. If you are a new mom to be, freezer meals are my biggest piece of advice. Not having to worry and stress about cooking for the first little while (ahem, 3 months for me last time) is a lifesaver. Truly.

I had my first vivid dream about the baby a few nights ago. In it, I went into labour and when Evan left to take Little E to her Auntie’s house, I gave birth to a little girl, all by myself. When he got home, I was sitting on the floor in Evalyn’s room, holding the baby. I passed her into Evan’s arms and immediately left to go to McDonald’s to get fries and call my family. Priorities, people.

This dream has me second guessing my Blue Baby intuition. With Evalyn, I had multiple labour/baby dreams but in all but one of them, I had a nameless/faceless/sexless baby. Only once did I see her face and call her by name – a little girl named Evalyn. So, does this dream mean I have another little princess in there? I guess we won’t know until the fat lady sings. Or, until the fat lady moans and groans and screams and pushes this baby out. Too far?

I’m more than ready to see this sweet angel and squeeze and kiss and love on him/her. I have been feeling some anxiety over the prospect of actually caring for two children, but I am trying to let go of that and let it happen as it may. Many other Mother’s have survived the 2U2 gig, so I’m sure I will, too, right? RIGHT? I have also been feeling anxiety over our plans for Evalyn during the birth, since it very much depends on the day of the week/time of day/date/length of labour and so on – but again, trying to let go and remember that God is in control of this whole situation and no matter what, it will work out just fine. I am trying to stay calm and cool because the last thing I want is for my worries about Evalyn to impede my body from doing the job that it needs to do. Just like last time, I’ve been spending time each day with a stack of cue cards that list scriptures that I feel help prepare me for labour and for the unknowns that are involved in it.

I’m sure I’ll be back once more for a (hopefully) final bi-weekly update at 40 weeks. Until then, think happy baby thoughts for me.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I'm way excited about your dream. Just sayin'. Also, I need to know your surprise on the scale. DETAILS WOMAN. And also you LOOK amazing. Like, ridiculous. So good.

Lindsey B said...

I cannot wait to meet this sweet baby! And you are going to rock the mom of 2 gig!! I just know it!

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

Love the haircut and that dream is too funny. After Mia, the first thing I asked for was a Diet Coke and chicken fingers at 3:00 am :)

Mrs. V said...

You are getting so CLOSE!! Super exciting! I had a dream where I saw baby and it was a boy and he looked just like my husband. And... WE ARE HAVING A BOY! (I couldn't wait and found out the gender at my 19 week ultrasound.)

Gina said...

After L, I wanted fish and a Dr. Pepper, both of which I pretty much abstained from during pregnancy. People were coming in to see him and I was all, "Oh, he's cute? Yeah, thanks. Anyway, can I get a refill?"

I'm tiny a little bit sorta sliding over to Team Pink, even before I read this. Kinda.

{annie_loo} said...

You look fabulous!!!!! So close momma! So close!

Keep reading those scriptures! He'll get you through!

Crystal Seed said...

You look fab and you are going to rock this out the park!!!! I can't wait to see pics of your sweet baby!!

Happiness Is... said...

You are looking GREAT! So exciting!

Jaclyn_Rose said...

Everything will work out with Evalyn on push day!

I live with my in-laws, so we never even thought we would need to figure anything out with Finn... but then 4 days shy of 37 weeks, the DAY my in-laws were all going to Ottawa for a week(we live on the west coast), my water broke and all of the sudden we had to figure something out quick!

I had my own bag and diaper bags packed - but all of the sudden I had to figure out what to pack for him, and he had never slept somewhere overnight before!

It all worked out great!

Good luck these next couple days or weeks, whatever it turns out to be before baby comes!

Carey said...

You look amazing for 38 weeks!! :) I must say, I've been thinking girl all along for you.......cannot wait to find out and see if your dream was hinting at anything!

Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

You will be FINE. Promise. I've done 2U2 twice, and I'm still alive. Uglier. from lack of time spent on grooming, but alive.

:) You're gonna rock it, woman.

Erin said...

Yay for no GBS! My midwife let me take an oral as long as I promised to do it as soon as I felt my first contraction...laboring WITHOUT an IV is one of the biggest reasons I chose a midwife in the first place!

And? You are too cute - the hair is adorbs!