Monday, June 18, 2012

Good Thing, Bad Thing

Good Thing: Evalyn scored some new shoes today.
Bad Thing: It was because her original pair of summer play sandals was too cheap and crappy and stunk so bad and gave her a horrible blister on her heel.

Good Thing: When we went shopping, we went with Ev’s cousin and her newborn so we went to a different mall than usual. This mall has a Cinnabon. I have had a gift certificate for Cinnabon in my wallet since Christmas 2010 and haven’t been anywhere with one since then.
Bad Thing: When I went to order my pack of Cinnabons to take home (yes, I was going to buy a whole box) and opened my wallet, the gift certificate was no where to be found. No where. I searched for-ever. I am telling you I have just recently seen it so I’m blaming the toddler for taking it out of my wallet.

Good Thing: I still had actual money in my wallet that would have been enough to cover the cost of a Cinnabon.
Bad Thing: I was so mad about the situation that I stormed away from Cinnabon empty handed. Definitely regretting this now.

Good Thing: Evalyn and I will be spending a lot of time at the pool this week
Bad Thing: The reason this is necessary is because we are in for an insanely hot and humid week.

Good Thing: I am getting close to my due date and could go “any day now”.
Bad Thing: If this baby is like Evalyn, I will still be pregnant for two.more.weeks.

Good Thing: Evan chose to get take out cheeseburgers and fries for his father’s day dinner after the kiddo went to bed. I just so happened to have been craving a delicious burger.
Bad Thing: I ate it at 8:30 pm so it haunted me all night long. Killer heartburn plus the saltiness from the fries made me so thirsty and had me getting up to refill my ice water about 49292 times through the night. Which also meant peeing every 26 minutes.

Good Thing: Evan is working so hard and doing a great job getting things together at the new house so we’ll be able to move in in a few months.
Bad Thing: Who is Evan?


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Now I need cinnabon. blast.

Crystal Seed said...

Oh goodness I can't wait till you have that baby!! Gosh darn it, you better not be pregnant for another 2 weeks! LOL!

Shannon Dew said...

ohhhh cinnabon! YUM! And I'm so excited for your new house AND new baby! AHH such an exciting time!

Gina said...

I love you. You are always good for a giggle.

Melissa at Tall Blonde Blog said...

I'm with Gina :)