Wednesday, June 20, 2012

(post) Nesting Mode

Remember a few months ago when I wrote a post about the state of mind I was in – and dubbed it (pre) nesting mode? That time where I felt my mind racing with a billion things that needed to get done before the baby arrived, but then sat down on the couch instead of doing any of them?

Well, I’ve reached another stage of pregnancy mode now. It’s called (post) Nesting mode. Basically, it’s the same. There are still things I am thinking about that need to get done – more packing, cleaning (ahem, this house? Atrocious), laundry and so on. But instead, I do nothing. I call it a night as soon as I put Evalyn in bed and you’ll find me in bed during most of her naps, as well. But, hey, at 39 weeks pregnant, I dare you to challenge me on that mindset.

Thankfully, somewhere in the middle of these two stages – pre and post nesting – I did manage to hit the nesting stage. May and some of early June was spent packing, organizing, making freezer meals and doing some deep cleaning. And now? Now, I rest.

I look at my floors that are desperately screaming out, “Wash me! Vacuum me! Swiffer me!” and I scream right back, “Wash yourself! Vacuum yourself! Swiffer yourself!”

Perhaps I’ll get another spurt of energy before the baby arrives, if this heat breaks, but if not? Meh. S/he probably won’t notice a few crumbs on the floor when s/he arrives. And, quite frankly, I can’t begin to care.

In other news – today marks 39 weeks of pregnancy. I’ve officially entered “Operation Get Baby Out” mode and am trying all of those secret tricks that people tell you about. Even though I know they probably won’t work – just as they didn’t work for Evalyn until 40w5d.

So now I’m taking my pregnant, post-nesting booty to bed to drink red raspberry leaf tea and devour the equivalent of fifty pineapples. Worth a shot, right?


Anonymous said...

Rest up - Nana will clean the house when she gets there!!!!

{annie_loo} said...

Get your rest now! You're completely entitled to do so!!!!

Can't wait to see if you're having a boy or girl!!!!

Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

I'll do a naked dance for you. Since you did one for me last June, this June I'll do one for you.