Monday, April 30, 2012

Like Me, Like Him

As Evalyn transforms from baby to little person, we are starting to see her personality shine more and more. Of course, she’s been a little character since early in her infancy but as she starts to gain independence and language skills, we see ‘who’ she is becoming more and more apparent every day.

One of the best parts of this is seeing characteristics, behaviours, attitudes and the like that oh so clearly come from either myself or her Daddy.

From me? She gets the quirk. Evan says there’s no hope for her to be normal with a mother like me. But, that’s okay. Because what fun is there in being normal?

If you know me, one thing you’ll know is that I tend to sing. Despite the fact I might break your ears. I sing, a lot. I make up songs. And they are usually bizarre. Apparently, it hasn’t taken Evalyn long to pick up this habit. Girlfriend sings all.the.time. And she is definitely starting to figure out the concept of making up songs. Let me tell ya, hilarious.

Yesterday as we were driving to church her song went a little something like this, “Go-ning to church. Go-ning to church. Eea see Je-us. Go-ning church. Where Je-us go? Where Je-us go? Ah work, ah work”.

Another thing I noticed she’s picked up from me is a penchant for silly nicknames. Since she’s been born I have developed a long list of strange names that I call her, most that make no sense at all. One of the best? Chicken Boomer. Who knows what that even means. And yes, of course, there is a song to go along with the. So you can imagine my delight the other day when she walked up to me and said “Hi Chicken Booma!”

Of course, she isn’t so lucky to get all of her characteristics from me. There are some that come from Daddy. Like, her “sour” face. And her love for the outdoors. She’s not even a little bit afraid to walk around in the mud, dig in the garden or carry worms around. (Um, gross). She likes to ride on the tractor with her Daddy, fiddle around in his workshop and help him whenever he’s “fixin’ “. She will say “Eea woe-kin. Eea fixin’”.

April iphone 089

She’s already showing an interest in sports, which, if you know us at all, we can safely say comes straight from the Daddy. She has his temper (although he would probably say this comes from me), his determination and would be happy if we never made her come inside.

She is, at the very same time, both of us. A little bit of me and a little bit of him all rolled into one tiny piece of perfect.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I love, love, love the perfect blend that is our children. It's kind of...fascinating. And eye opening. The big joke is that all her bad habits come from me, but SERIOUSLY that is not all true. (just mostly). Just yesterday we were at the lake, and Emeline was so into the boats. Every detail of them. Wanted to examine though, they they were amazing, and I'm the girl at museums and stuff all "meh, bored"..and my husband is the one soaking up EVERY LITTLE plaque with info while I'm 30 feet ahead. You know? I said "She totally gets the 'interested in everything' gene from you".

Because that certainly isn't MY thing.


Her fake burps? That's all him.


Love eva's jesus song, btw. dead!

Lindsay said...

That's so fun! I really look forward to seeing Parker's personality develope more over the next few months! :$

Auntie said...

Oh and she likes milk...where does she get that from?

Laura said...

This is so sweet :) I can see alot of the munchkin in both Joe and I and it's pretty darn cool!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

This is so true. I see so much of both of us in the little one. The fact that she randomly bursts out dancing multiple times a day to no music? Well, that's from me. Her ability to stare you down while she's doing something you just told her not too? Also from me. But the sense of humor? Her Dad's. Her pretending to poot. Also her Dad. These kids slay me.

Jess said...

When she's in crocs and shorts, THEN I'll believe you about her being like her daddy.