Thursday, April 26, 2012

(pre) Nesting Mode

Everyone knows what nesting is all about. You know, the stage in pregnancy where Mama overcomes the tired, the achy, and the blah and decides to get to work and get cracking on things that need to get done to prepare for baby’s arrival. With Evalyn, I nested hard core. I arranged and rearranged her room. And then did it again (times 300). I canned approximately 492898 jars of salsa, peaches, pears, and jam. I cleaned out closets. I froze enough meals to feed my family for the first seven years of my daughter’s life. I nested, like whoa.

But so far in this pregnancy that little ol’ nesting urge has yet to appear. What I have discovered, however, is that there is another instinct that is occurring. Maybe it’s a second pregnancy thing?

This my friends, is the (pre)nesting stage. It is the stage in which you think about nesting. You write lists about the things you are going to do. You tell your husband about the things you are going to do. You plan exactly how you will do these things you are going to do.

And then? You sit on the couch and eat spinach dip.

Up until today, I’ve blamed the lack of nesting urges on the fact that I simply did not have time to nest. I was hoping that I was just pushing them away, knowing that grading and other work related junk had to come first.

And then yesterday? I finished grading my very last papers. (Insert hooray right about here). That meant work was done. It was time to move on. Evalyn was scheduled for daycare this morning since I anticipated that I’d still be working, so I figured I’d get going on all of the things that have been floating around in my head the past few weeks.

You see, although there’s not much to do to get ready for the baby him/herself, since we pretty much have everything waiting in the storage room, there is a lot to do in other areas.

Hello, crazy people who buy a house that needs may-jah renos right at the same time as having a baby.

We get the house May 31. Four weeks before baby is due. We are keeping our apartment until July 31. Four weeks after the baby is due.

Somewhere in there, I have to pack, organize and get things moved. And the husband has to replace the roof, paint the entire main floor and replace all the flooring in the house.

So, yeah. Nesting has got to happen.

My master plan is to have as much as possible packed and moved into the basement of the new house when we get possession on May 31. There is a lot we can survive without for a few weeks before the move is official. That way, I will reduce the amount of work my friends and family who will feel sorry for me I have to do after the baby comes.

But? I feel like it’s still a bit too early to really start.

So this morning? Instead of starting? I thought about starting.

I wrote lists. I made plans. I envisioned garbage bags of clothes to go to Goodwill and boxes of neatly packed and organized possessions to move to the house. I wrote a May list, a June list and a Post-Baby list highlighting all the crap that needs to be done in that time frame. And then I put the lists, all nice and neat with checkboxes beside each ‘to-do’, on the counter.

Where they will stare at me day in and day out. Taunting me to make progress.

But of course, I didn’t actually do any of the things on the list. I just thought about them. And thought about how I could get started when she went down for her nap this afternoon.

Which happened 30 minutes ago. And here I sit. On the couch, with my delicious leftover seafood alfredo, a huge glass of icy cold water, and my laptop open to Pinterest.

Welcome to (pre)nesting mode, my friends.


Laura said...

This cracks me up. I know exactly what you mean. I have so many lists going and so many things that need to be done, and I have really really been taking my time to get to it all. I finally just started setting up her nursery in the last couple of weeks, but other then that... not too much else has happened. I have been making frozen meals like a crazy person though. But only because if I don't I will have to rely on my husband for nourishment in the beginning and frankly that kinda freaks me out.

Lindsey said...

Sounded like me when we moved! We had pre-posession for a week before closing so four weeks before that the packing started and the mind games of what I could live without and what needed to be done within that week to make the move easier occurred. Then you have the daunting need to find a sitter for Connor so he isn't in the way. Sheesh. I don't envy you.. good luck!

Samantha said...

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. But at least you have a plan of attack. I bet your nesting kicks in really soon.

Crystal Seed said...

That's sooo awesome that you will have your house by the 31st!!! We, however will not be closing by May 3rd as originally planned. Still waiting on some stupid bank crap...ugh. But whatever! Hopefully all goes well with your stuff!!!

Angie said...

I remember when my # 2 came along. Because of changing ministries we moved about 4 hours away to a new town 3 weeks before my son was born. I had a 3-year-old, a helpful mother-in-law, but we found a house and got it all settled just in time. Having a new doc three weeks before delivery was waaay more scary, but we survived! Good luck!

Lucky in Love said...

That was pretty much how I was during the whole pregnancy with my FIRST child. So don't feel bad :)

Lindsey said...

You crack me up mama- praying things go very smoothly though and that you have plenty of help getting things situated :) xoxox

MommaBBabyboy said...

This really made me laugh - I'm exactly the same! I wake up n the middle of the night and frantically make to do lists, but it never gets done!! I'm glad I'm not the only one!! Xxx