Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A jumble of thoughts. Or something.

I sit down to blog and lately, nothing more than a huge jumble of random thoughts falls out. So, here goes nothing…


I think it is so cute that Evalyn mixes up pronouns and says “you” when she really means “me” that I don’t even try to correct her. I already find it so bittersweet when she starts saying a word properly after mispronouncing it in a super cute way for a long time that I am in no rush to have her talk like an adult. She’ll get there. My favourite one is that she often says, “Mommy got you” when I’m holding her. Usually it’s when she’s being sucky, or is hurt or scared or something. Just last night she was having a hard time getting to sleep and I almost melted of the cute when I picked her up and she said “Mommy got you. Mommy got you, ah-ways”.


For a while, we were sort-of-kind-of doing the potty thing. She started showing an interest in noticing the potty and all of that jazz a few months ago and asking to sit on it, so I went ahead and bought a kid potty. We would put her on before bath and also whenever she asked. In the course of a few weeks, she peed on it four or five times. Just before Easter, she pooped while sitting on the potty and I’m pretty sure the splash (tmi?) scared her enough that she doesn’t ever want to sit on the potty again. Granted, she still talks about the potty non stop, tells me when she’s pooped and is actually kind of disturbingly obsessed with her dirty diapers. She wants to “yook”, “touch”, “bye bye dirty poo poo” all the time. Is this normal? Should I take this as a sign that I should crack down on the potty thing? Now whenever we ask her if she wants/needs to sit on the potty she says yes but then shouts ALL DONE as soon as we get to the bathroom. I kind of feel like I should just pack it up and put it out of sight until after we are adjusted to the new baby and settled from the move. Experienced moms, is this me being wise or just lazy? Honesty please.


I started packing today. Sort of. One box of my boots and three boxes of decorations from the walls, dressers, mantel and so on. Evan thinks it’s still too early. I keep reminding him that with every passing day I am becoming more and more pregnant. And soon will become more and more exhausted from a newborn. We get possession the end of this month. I am hoping to have lots ready to go by that point that can just sit in the basement/garage until the floors/painting is done. So, my house my be starting to look bare but I’d rather live in an empty, boring house for a few months than rush at the end. No?


The friend who runs Evalyn’s daycare is named Jessica. So, we always tell E she is going to go to Jess’ while mommy and daddy go to work and that I will pick her up at lunch time. She has started to add “See ya yunch-time” to her list of goodbyes to people. Also? She has started to call Jess Jess’. Hi Jess’. Thank you Jess’.


I suck at watching movies. I think it must be because I have the attention span of a camel. Do they have a short attention span? They must. My lack of interest or desire to watch movies drives Evan nuts. He doesn’t get why I can’t/don’t want to sit on the couch and zone into a movie for two hours every night. The other night we were laying in bed and he was watching a movie on netflix. I was “watching” too. Aka, getting up to get a snack, playing on my phone, doing some laundry, drifting to sleep and otherwise, just not paying attention. When the movie was about ten minutes from being over, it somehow caught my attention. But remember, I hadn’t watched the rest of it. And also, the angle of the laptop was making it difficult for me to see the screen. Our conversation went like this. Me: “Can you pause that when you have a second?” Evan: {pauses movie} “What?” Me: “Can you tell me what is happening in this movie?”

The response I got? Priceless. Sidenote: he did not have the decency to fill me in.


I hate when I write a blogpost and then a few hours later realize that I forgot to include the initial thought that sparked the idea for the post. It happened yesterday. I wrote about how I love watching Evalyn become a combination of Evan and I. What I forgot to mention was that the whole idea for the post came the other day when she insisted on dipping every bite of her dinner in Frank’s Hot Sauce. So like her father. So unlike her mother.


We can’t agree on this unborn child’s name. The girl name was selected within 34 seconds of finding out we were expecting and I am utterly and completely in love with it. The boy name was also selected but now I’m just not 100% sure about it so I’ve been tossing around new ideas. I found one that I fell in love with, but husband disagrees. I’m pretty sure the fact that I am convinced we’re having a girl, I love the girl name and we have no idea what the boy name will be guarantees I’m having a boy.

And while we were on the topic of names? Count yourself lucky if you never ever have to go through the process of naming a child with my husband as your counterpart. He is horrible.


My hormones are raging. I feel like the hormonal mess of pregnancy kind of levels out somewhere in the middle and then spikes again as you get closer and closer to the end. Lemme tell ya, it is a-spiking. Many unannounced tears, taking offense over simple, harmless comments, and all together weirdness. It is happening.


We bought our double stroller on the weekend. Long story short, I was quite simply done with agonizing over the decision. I found the one I had been eyeing on sale. I had a giftcard that meant I’d only have to pay $110 out of pocket so I took the leap. We went with the Graco Ready2Grow Sit and Stand. For the price, I feel like it will more than meet my needs for the next few years. I love the option of being a dual rider or a sit and stand. The thing that sucks? Tiny cars don’t believe in double strollers. I will have to take the child cup holder and the canopies off it to get it in and out of the car. Which will be a pain, but honestly, unless I was going to spend big bucks, there does not exist a double stroller that will fit easily in the trunk of a Mazda 3 hatchback and apparently (so says the husband), fitting a double stroller is not an adequate excuse for upgrading my vehicle. I have a feeling most of its use will be going for walks at our house anyway, so the in and outs of the car may be less than I’m used to. Quick trips to the mall just for fun won’t happen so much with two babies, not to mention the fact that we are now going to be living much farther away from the nearest mall.


It’s May. Time to bring on the warm weather, m’kay, Mother Nature? I want to take my kid to the zoo before I turn into a sloth.


Liz said...

Can't wait to hear what name you have for a girl! My boy name was Declan. Bennett was a front runner for a while, too.
I need to check out that double stroller. I can't decide if I need one or not because B barely rides in one ever but I'd like him to have another option besides walking. I mean, what if we went to the zoo or something? I think he would like to stand on the back.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

We had an identical potty training fiasco. Er. success. Whatever. At Evalyn's age she was going on the potty before bathtime, mainly poo. We had a few successes, she talked about the potty hardcore, talked about "bye bye poopie" and she knows when she's dirty, etc. But then it just kinda left. And when I would enforce it she would FREAK out. So I'm kinda chilling out about it all now. For a few reasons, but mainly because 2.5 or so is more my potty training 'goal'.

Melissa at Tall Blonde said...

I'm a horrible movie watcher too. I can't sit still for very long. Wish I could though. I used to be able to and it was great to just veg out and watch a movie.

On the potty, Mia did the same thing. Was all about it and then went to screaming bloody murder when I asked her if she want to go on the "big girl potty." We're getting back there the past few weeks and we're gearing up for a pants free weekend. I've heard it works wonders, however I need a weekend where we have no where to go. That's tough!

Gina said...

G was interested in sitting on the potty for a while. He still likes to watch me go, say goodbye to whatever is or is not in the potty, and wipe his bottom (over his pants...hilarious). But I'm not pushing it. I pushed with L and it got me nowhere. The second I quit, he got it. However, when G was born, he had been potty trained for a year and still regressed. So I say just wait till you are settled.

And? I hate to watch movies. I can't do it. I think it is B's least favorite thing about me.

Also, I assume you liked NONE of the names I sent you at 2 am, huh?

Crystal Seed said...

I'm so excited for you and your new house!!! That's awesome that you get in at the end of May! It's amazing....and I'm hoping that Husband and I get the same outcome!
Potty training?? Yea, Chloe is showing some interest. But not much....she likes to sit on it, and she's tinkled a few times, but not like anything major. So...we're not pushing it. Good Luck!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

The movie thing? we are twins. My husband HATES watching movies with me. I can't do it though. Cannot sit still.

And E did the same thing with the potty. Got really interested, then lost all interest. Then really interested, then not so much. She's pretty into it again though, so we're doing it again. I'm just so over buying diapers.