Monday, March 19, 2012

Two in a Row?

You may remember that two weekends ago, we had the pleasure of a weekend with the grandparents. And most of you agreed that there isn’t anything quite like it.

Well, Evalyn must be a really lucky girl because she got to spend this past weekend with her other grandparents, on the farm. This time? I didn’t even forget to take my camera. And I’ve got 146 photos to prove it. What? Can you blame me? There’s something about Springtime sunshine that just begs for a Mama to get snap happy.

With the weather being unseasonably warm, we got to spend hours and hours outside, doing fun spring things. But, first things first, Nana and Eva and I had to take a trip into town to hit up Walmart since I showed up with nothing but church shoes and two mismatched left foot sneakers for Eva. And it was a good thing, too, because those rubber boots surely got broken in over two days.

She wore her shades while watching the boys work in the “garnen” (garden) and loved playing with all the pups.


And, of course, that much work on the farm requires a break in the wheel barrow with a cold glass of orange juice.


Evalyn would probably tell you that the highlight of her weekend was driving in Grandpa’s truck to see the ponies, even though she said “all done” as soon as either of them so much as moved in her direction. Fortunately, the bossiness she’s learned to use on Nika transferred just fine to the ponies as she commanded them to “sit down now” and “git” and “lay down”.


On Sunday, we sort of had a mock Easter since Evalyn won’t see her grandparents on the actual holiday. She got dolled up in her Easter dress and new shoes from Nana for church on Sunday. And of course, she had her bunny purse with her sunglasses, plastic egg and stuffed bunny close by at all times. The picture on the left is the reaction I got when I told her to stay still for one more picture before she went upstairs to see Nana and Grandpa. And the one on the left? Well, that’s the best I can get these days with a kid who says “Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese” every time she sees a camera.


Sunday afternoon was another beauty so while the boys headed out to the cabin, we spent even more time outside. She rode a tire swing, went to visit “Boomy” (Boomer), helped Nana rake and rode a trike for the first time.


Bike riding was all fun and games until she fell off the bike. Then it was a disaster. But nothing a cold, refreshing freezie couldn’t cure.


All in all, it was a weekend of heart full moments. Just like with my parents, I adore seeing the joy that Nana and Grandpa C bring to Evalyn’s life. For three hours straight on Friday night as we drove, she jabbered on and on about “Gampa’s house” this and”Gampa’s house” that. I have a multitude of fond memories of my grandparents growing up, and I am so so so excited for Evalyn to have the same.

And the best part? The very, very, very best part? Both weekends, at my parent’s place and at Evan’s parent’s place, she slept. All night. For the first time ever. Looks like she’s figuring out that sleepovers aren’t so bad after all.


Erica said...

1. Love her yellow boots.
2. Love her outfit with the pink top.
3. Love that she slept all night.
4. Love grandparents.

Lynsey said...

Those yellow boots.. too much! I love it! So proud of her for sleeping all night. Can she please come teach Mason how to do that when he is away from home?

Ashley said...

I LOVE the yellow boots, yellow glasses combo. LOVE.

Crystal Seed said...

I love her yellow boots!!! Those are just too cute!
She's just a doll. Love her face!

Liz said...

how fun! and i'll mimick everyone else and say those yellow glasses and yellow boots are awesome. :)

Erin said...

That girl ROCKS yellow! What a cutie - I can't believe how big she hurts to watch all my blog babies grow so quickly!