Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oops. I wrote a weekend re-cap

This weekend was good. Just oh so good. I don’t normally do weekend recaps but here I am, 8:20 on Sunday evening, with my husband snoring his face off on the couch, and I can’t help but think that so much good happened this weekend. Nothing overly spectacular, but just good. It started out with a quick, impromptu trip across the border with my two favourite people – the hubby and the child. And let me tell you, successful trip indeed. We picked up the first year photo book that I put a ton of time into making for Evalyn. I had been so anxious to get my hands on it. And? I am so, so happy. It turned out so well that I may or may not have cried when looking through it for the first time. And second time. And hundredth time.

After that, the night got even better as I scarfed my face with my beloved Chipotle. It’s probably a good thing that this chain doesn’t exist in my country. That, my friends, could be bad news. Pass the guacamole!

Once I had my fill of chips and guacmole, I rolled myself two doors down to Carter’s where I totally scored some sweet deals on Evalyn’s wardrobe for next fall/winter. I realize I am so lucky that I have been able to fairly accurately predict her sizes for upcoming seasons. Because, 12 pairs of leggings, 6 PJs, a skirt, a poncho, 2 sweaters and 3 tops for $96? THAT is a darn good deal.

We finished the night off with a quick trip to Target. Considering I only get to go there once every few months, it was kind of a flop. But, what can you do when your shopping partner is having a meltdown and whining to go home? (Oh, and Evalyn was ready to leave, too). I did snag myself a lovely, much needed, new pair of maternity jeans.

When a weekend starts like that, with a trip to the states with zero wait at the border, delicious food, and great deals? You know it’s gonna be a good one.

Saturday got even better. We had a quiet day at home and Evalyn and I played, and played, and played. We found out that my mom is planning to make a quick visit down here this week, so that added to the loveliness of the day. I caught up on paper work at the beginning of her nap and then climbed on in bed with my newest read: Divergent. (Read it? No. Go. Now. Start).

Saturday night is where it got really good. Our BFF’s Bigg Burd and C-Biscuit came over for dinner with their sweet little five week old William (or, Me-ooo, as Evalyn calls him) and I got me some newborn baby snuggles. When we spend time with them it makes me even more excited about the arrival of #2. Also, a little more nervous as the pre-bedtime portion of the evening was spent with me saying, “Oh. Be soft. His eyes are special. Don’t poke his eyes! No, honey, don’t sit on the baby’s face. Oh no, Eva, that ball is too big for William to play with. Don’t put it on him”. At least we’ve got lots of time for her practice and make him her guinea pig so she won’t do any real damage to her own baby. Kidding. Despite the craziness of trying to wrangle her off him the entire evening, once she went to bed, I got to spend hours laying on the couch, breathing in his sweet newborn smell, while he dozed and we watched movies.

And the best part? The very, very, very best part?

While we were snuggling, Baby C #2 seemed to get a lil’ jealous because I felt him/her move! Like crazy. I have been anxiously awaiting feeling movement since I know how amazing it is. I didn’t feel Evalyn until close to 22 weeks because of anterior placenta so I knew it could still be a while but I was hopeful that this one’s squirms would show up sooner. And looks as though my hope came true.

Today was church and lunch followed by a glorious three and a half hour nap for the babe while I snuggled in bed and polished off the last few chapters of Divergent. It was just all together a restful, enjoyable, satisfying weekend.

It’s these kind of weekends just make me feel all kinds of full heart happy.


Hi, I'm Susan! said...

awww sounds like a lovely weekend indeed! so glad you got some down-time to rest and read. i must check out this new book series, although part of me wants to wait till they're all released. i HATE waiting. haha!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful wonderful weekend. I'm not far from the border. Maybe one day we can meet! :)

Backwards Amber said...

YAY for feeling the baby! Was it sooner this time around?

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...

There's a Chipotle in Toronto. :P Although just as far from you as the one in the states I guess!

I wish I got to see my new niece more often. All of my friends babies are all Emily's age or older.

Did they say where you placenta is this time at your ultrasound? I guess I'll be finding out next week at the midwives.

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

sounds like a great weekend my friend ;) baby moving? AH! so awesome!

Laura said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! I had a pretty wonderful weekend myself. It involved lots of yummy good. That is so awesome you felt the baby move! I can't wait for that part :)

Sarah-Life is what you make it said...

I've been good and havent gone to the chipotle around the corner from my uni! I know if I will, I'll always go!