Friday, January 13, 2012

Those Things She Does

Evalyn is at a particularly fun stage right now. Sure, she’s also at a stage that makes me particularly crazy, but for the most part? She is hilarious. I’ve always thought about how this blog will be a great place to document the hilarious things my kids say as they grow. People always say “Oh, you’ll have to write that down”, and this is just where I’ll do that. She’s not quite to the stage where she comes out with very many hilarious verbiages since she basically says only one or two words at time but still, she does some

This week she’s been especially, um, creative in her thinking and so I wanted to quickly jot down a few of the funny things we’ve experienced.

~ The other day I asked her to come lay down so I could change her diaper. She put her hands up in front of her head and said “HIDING”.

~Yesterday, she was quite cranky in the morning and went into her room and asked to get in “bed”. I plopped her in her crib and she pointed to a bin of stuffed animals and said “Toys”. I gave them to her and let her be. She was happy to sit in there and play with them. A few minutes later I popped my head into her room to see what she was up to. And? Girlfriend was attempting to climb out of her crib. Ie yi yi. Later in the day, she wanted to play in her crib again but this time, I wasn’t fast enough, I guess, because when I went to get her, she had both feet up on the bottom rail and was trying to climb in herself.

~ I was eating a bowl of Lucky Charms (no judgies) and she came over, pointed to my bowl and said “Dis” (this). I gave her a bite, cereal only, and she looked at me, plunged her hand straight into the bowl of milk, grabbed a marshmellow, shoved it in her mouth and said “No DIS”. I guess she knows where it’s at.

~ We were tidying up her toys, putting the stuffed animals all back into the bin. I’d tell her to go get the “sheep” and put it away. She went and picked up each one individually, but before putting them in the bin, both she and I had to give each and every one of them a nice big kiss.

~ She was playing with my hair and kept saying a word I couldn’t quite understand. After her saying it multiple times and me listening closely, I figured out she was touching my ponytail and saying “tail”. Now? If I need to get her to sit still to do her hair, all I have to say is, “Do you want Mommy to give you a tail like Nika?” Winning.

I just love watching her creativity and problem solving skills develop, even when it means she’s going to give me gray hair. These are the things I want to remember, always.


Hi, I'm Susan! said...

she sounds like such an amazing kid. i love the lucky charms story. haha! somehow kids always know the good stuff! lol

Quinn said...

Evalyn's vocabulary amazes me...coming from a mom to an also 14.5 month old who only says 2 words. DAMMIT!!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

The lucky charms thing makes me laugh. Somehow Emeline always knows when I have candy. Are we really to the stage where we have to hide the bad stuff we eat? SAY IT AINT SO! NO!!!!!

Lindsay said...

I'm cracking up laughing, this is great! I do look forward to this kind of craziness with my daughter. :)

Lindsey said...

This is awesome!!! I love toddler talk and I love how just when we think we "know" their next move- they pll something crazy!! So sweet though!

Steph said...

Love the stories! The Lucky Charms is the best. Hilarious.

Ashley said...

I just had a huge bowl of Lucky Charms this morning. Luckily my 9 month old is still to young to know what they are!