Friday, July 29, 2011

This and That…

A few random tidbits to end the week off…

Eva and I were lucky enough to spend the last few days with her Aunt Logi, my sister-in-law, while my brother is in India for business. We swam, played, walked, shopped and had an intense game of Mexican Train. What fun! Eva is definitely starting to know and remember people which I love. So much fun to see her recognizing her family members and other special people.


We finally got around to doing some baby proofing. I always said, Oh, I’ll do it soon. I’ll do it soon. And then, suddenly, here we are, and I should have “baby proofed” 3 months ago. But really, there’s not a lot that needed to be done. It was mostly just the kitchen cabinets. I always said I’d never lock them … I’d just teach her she can’t go in them. HA! Girlfriend was obsessed with getting into them and it was just getting ridiculous (and a little unsafe) for her to be constantly pulling things, like you know, the food processor, out. So, they are locked and this morning I waited anxiously for her to make this discovery and of course, she waited until well after morning nap to even really bother with them. And let me say, once she did figure out that she can’t get in them anymore, she was not such a happy camper. BUT once she realized she couldn’t get at them, she ended up sitting and playing with her TOYS (gasp!) for 30 minutes straight.


Mealtime has become somewhat horrible. Lately, when I put her in her chair with her meal, she starts devouring whatever is in front of her for about 3-5 minutes and then suddenly, it’s like a switch is flipped and she starts freaking. Not just whining and complaining. It’s more like, raging, someone is ripping my limbs off type screaming. As far as I can tell, it’s not that she doesn’t like the food, because she eats it and mmms and smacks her lips at first and it’s not that she’s full, because she sometimes calms down and just keeps eating and if she doesn’t, when she gets down and finished ScreamFest 2011, she smacks her lips and signs for food again. She rarely lets me spoon feed her – except yogurt and fruit in the morning as long as there is some pancake, toast or cracker on her tray that she can eat with her hands while I sneak the spoon in between her bites. But at lunch or dinner? Very little spoon feeding happening.

So what’s the deal? Is she bored? Does she want something different to eat? Does she just want to be a brat? Any advice?


We have chickens in the coop again. Evalyn loves them. She will stand outside the coop and watch them and squeal forever. And, much to my dismay, she even wants to go inside the coop with them (um, hello, gross. There’s POOP in there kid). I keep telling her she should want to go shopping and get her nails done and do girly things but I’m afraid Evan might get his way and have a little tomboy. Sidenote: The rage-filled limbs being ripped off screams often happen when we peel her away from her chickens, too.


I’ve officially begun thinking about first birthday stuff. How is it even possible that this is on my mind? Less than 2 months and we’ll be celebrating her first year! I’ve already made a few small first birthday party purchases and have a ton of ideas floating around in my head. Eek. Exciting.


Evan was in a car accident the Saturday before we left for Ottawa. No one was hurt but his truck needed to have some repairs. So, it was in the shop all week until last night. On Wednesday, my car started making a bizarre rattling noise that Evan was unsure of, so as of today, my car is in the shop. Aren’t car troubles just the best?


Happy Friday, friends! Love you all.


Shelley said...

I follow you on twitter and thought I would share some comment love! :)

Jackie said...

Glad to hear Evan is just cost money don't they? Arghhh!

We were able to block Peanut out of the kitchen for quite awhile so we never really had to baby proof the cabinets....I was very thankful. And I so did the same thing--oh, I'll just train my child not to _____. Yeah, right! :)

Gina said...

I think that weird screaming is attention seeking. At least, that's what I've chalked her boyfriend's weird screaming to. He does the same thing sometimes in the high chair.

Holly said...

Yeah, love car troubles. I'm glad Evan wasn't hurt, though.
I'm not sure about the screaming at meal time. Most "experts" would probably say to just ignore it and not reinforce the behavior by reacting to it, but I was never able to do that. I'm a major reactor.

It was fun to meet you all finally!

Kar said...

ughh.. car's are the pits.

our girls??!! are feisty lil' firecrackers... It can only be a good thing :)

One way we babyproofed the cupboards was with really thick rubber bands! bhahahah it's totally working :)

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