Thursday, May 12, 2011

The kid can eat

Since I wrote my first post about Evalyn starting solid foods, and our adventures that go along with that, she has made leaps and bounds with her eating.

Now? My girl? Cannot get enough food. She gobbles it up. Since the day she decided that eating was cool – literally, one day she woke up and decided to eat – she has loved everything I have given her. There hasn’t been a flavour, texture or temperature that she dislikes. She will eat her food warm or cold. Pureed or table food. Spoon or finger fed. All those troubles and frustrations I had earlier? Out the window. Honestly, at this point I feel like I made a mistake starting on solids too early. I feel like I thought she should be ready, instead of watching her to see if she was ready. I’m sure if I had just waited until 6.5-7 months, it would have been a breeze. But, oh well. No harm done. She’s eating now and it’s all good.

Now the only issue we sometimes have is that she’s too excited, gets distracted and starts flailing her hands around, getting the way of the spoon or my hand.

The solution?

laughing 013

Two plastic stacking cups that she can hold on to and bang around while she’s eating.

She has a fairly good variety in her diet right now – at least I think so. We keep introducing new foods and flavours and so far, so good. Like I said, she hasn’t refused anything.


Here’s what a typical day of eating looks like for Evalyn (more for my reference in the future than anything):

7:30-8 – Nursing Session #1

8-8:30 – Breakfast – Rice, oatmeal or barley cereal mixed with pear or apple sauce and a little cinnamon. Sometimes no cereal and all fruit. Sometimes a muffin.

11:15-11:30 – Nursing session #2

11:30-12:30 – Lunch – Squash or sweet potato puree with applesauce and cinnamon or curry, small bits of baked chicken breast, steamed peas, carrots and/or green beans, chunks of peaches, pears or apples. All of this is mixed together in a bowl and she doesn’t mind the mixed flavours or textures at all.

3:30ish – Nursing session #3

4:00 – sometimes a snack. Applesauce, muffin, avocado, banana, or sweet potato sticks.

5:30ish – Supper – usually looks the exact same as lunch only more. Depending on what we’re eating, she often just eats from our table (roasted/baked veggies with herbs for example). If not, I always have stuff for her on hand.

7:15ish – Nursing session #4 – bedtime.


She smacks her lips, says “mmm mmm” and is starting to sign all done and possibly milk. She enjoys food. And that makes me happy. It’s exciting to enter this brand new world with her.


SnoWhite said...

so... here's my question to you: are you making all this food from scratch? Just curious on how baby food making is going :)

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I find it soooo great that as moms we learn tricks to getting the job done. In your case? The cups. Genius.

Jess said...

Livie has to have something to hold too. Otherwise? Bowl in the hair.

Sunshine and Lavender said...

She is so darn cute!

Jillian said...

I'm glad you posted her schedule! I need to figure this all out when A gets bigger!! Em was getting bottles because I was working so this schedule will be a bit different:) And she is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading this! Thanks for posting a schedule.