Thursday, November 4, 2010

Six Weeks


Look at me! I am now six weeks old (actually I was six weeks old on Wednesday but my Mama was not on the ball enough to get this post ready).

I now weigh 10 pounds and 9 ounces and am 22.5 inches long (at least we think so).

I didn’t have an appointment this week but Mama was dying to know how much I weigh so she and Daddy got creative and measured me with a fruit scale from the barn.

I have changed so much in the past two weeks. I am starting to lose some of the hair on the front of my head (boo) but the hair in the back is just as thick and dark as ever. I don’t think Mom’s going to be able to put my hair in a ponytail by 2 months, though.

I can hold my head up really really well now. I am always looking around and discovering new things. I follow people with my eyes and I noticed my puppy dog for the first time today. I think she and I will be good friends.

When I’m not holding my head up and wobbling it all around, I love to curl up and cuddle. I am such a snuggle bug. Mommy and Daddy are very happy for this because they love to cuddle, too.

I don’t really love tummy time unless I am laying on someone’s chest. But Mommy makes me do it anyways.

I still love my bath more than anything else. I think would sit in the tub all day if Mom let me.

I recognize my Mommy and Daddy real well and almost always greet them with a big goofy grin. Daddy was away for a few days and as soon as he came back, I gave him a big smile.

Speaking of big goofy grins, I smile all.the.time. Sometimes, when I’m smiling, Mommy thinks I am trying to laugh. I coo and tell stories all the time now, too. I am such a happy girl!

I was sleeping really good for my Mom but then I decided to have two nights where I gave her a run for her money. I am pretty sure I’ll start sleeping better for her again soon (right????). I still nap great, though .. and Mommy appreciates that.

I nurse for about 5-10 minutes every 2.5-4 hours depending on my mood. I definitely know what I want and I will not eat until I’m ready. Sometimes Mom doesn’t know what I’m up to because I act like I’m hungry but then I won’t eat. I just like to keep her on her toes.

I am growing and changing every single day and I just know my Mommy and Daddy are loving every minute of it.


Erin said...

ha ha ha too cute!! love hearing about her!!

Jackie said...

And keep you on your toes she will. :)

This Texas Momma said...

Eva, you are getting to be such a big girl! And I'm gonna second your mom's hopes on sleeping well tonight...I know you have it in you!

Amy Silver said...

Oh she is just so cute! I love reading your updates, even though I hardly ever have time to comment! I am with you on the sleep thing, though my little guy never has slept through the night, haha. Take care!

Carrie said...

Wow, Eva, you are such a good typer! Did you learn with Mavis Beacon?

Erica said...

Such a cutie!

Lucky in Love said...

What a sweet pea! Love her to pieces :)

Elizabeth said...

Typing already? What a smart little girl! :)

Holly said...

That's funny that you weighed her on the fruit scale. We used to weigh E. in the produce dept at Kroger!

Samantha said...

She looks just like her momma!!

SnoWhite said...

Since she loves the bath so much, I think you might have a little swimmer on your hands :)