Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby is a Blogger!

With a blog-a-holic for a Mama, my girl really has no choice but to love blogging. Right? Right?

Well, I hope so because she was fully introduced to the world of blogging yesterday when she took part in her very first bloggy meet up!

About a year or more ago, Jen from Canadian Rhapsody stumbled across my blog through another mutual Canadian blog friend. Upon reading my blog a little bit, she realized that something was familiar.

Turns out she grew up in the same area as the Dude, went to grade school with him, and currently works with my sister-in-law when she's not on maternity leave.

Small world, right?

We started to read each other's blogs a little bit and as it turns out, we both got pregnant at approximately the same time so we had something else in common.

We shared many stories, questions and thoughts with each other over the course of our pregnancies (mostly I just used her pregnancy as a guide because I always knew what to expect in the coming weeks as she was just a wee bit ahead of me) and she and her hubby welcomed their precious little E just 6 weeks before our little E was born.

So of course, when I made plans to visit my inlaws for a few days, we knew that we would have to find a time to get together and let our girls meet their very first blog friend.

We met for a long, delicious lunch filled with baby talk and then visited for a while longer at my inlaws place.

Eva and Emily were instant friends! They were even holding hands.

We will definitely be getting together again when I come to the area to visit so that the girls can play together. Maybe someday they'll be reading each other's blogs, too.

P.S. Evalyn is 6 weeks old today! I’ll be writing an update tomorrow or Friday.

P.S.S. Windows Live Writer where have you been all my life? Thanks for getting me in the loop, Jen!


Holly said...

How fun to meet another blogger! The girls look adorable together.

Ashley said...

What a great way to meet another Canadian in Blog World, with a new baby too!! Looks like the girls will be best friends!! Small world!

Annie said...

how fun!! sounds like you two were meant to be friends :) and both of your girls too!
cute pictures!!

Gina said...

Love these pics, but G was jealous of them.

What is Windows Live Writer?

SnoWhite said...

love it! what a fun and special treat :)

Do tell about Windows Live Writer!!

Tricia said...

What great fun! Look how sweet they both are!


p.s. Windows Live Writer rocks my socks!!

bcsmithereens said...

Lucy, this has nothing to do with this post, but someone shared a link with me that you might be interested in for your Little Monkey's room:
This is what I had in mind for you:

Anyways, love reading your stuff!

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

That's just way too cool!! I love that the girls were holding hands.