Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Weekend

This weekend, that of Eva's first Halloween, we spent at my inlaws place. Not only was it Halloween weekend, but Eva and I were also blessed with another baby shower put on by the Dude's aunt and cousins. Thank you so much, girls!

On Saturday morning, she and I got all dressed up to go. I called her outfit "Halloween Chic" (headband courtesy of Katie from Eme Kay Creatives, of course)

The baby shower was so incredible. I cannot even describe how blessed we are! Evalyn is going to be the best dressed girl in town until she's about two years old. Then I suspect things will go down hill. I don't have very many good pictures from the actual shower but let me tell you -we got spoiled! She got clothes, books, toys, a Dora suitcase, a baby gate and a bunch of other stuff, as well. I am so thankful to the Dude's extended family for all the love they have shown us!
Eva was definitely the star of the show. Everyone loved getting to see her and snuggle with her. Thanks to her, I'm sure no one even noticed that I forget my straightener and my hair looked like junk. Eva did really well although we were all a little disappointed that she slept through her own party :)
After the shower, my sister and her family came back to hang out with us at my inlaw's for the day. She and her cousin, A, are going to be the best of friend's as they grow up! Eva's just got to hurry up and catch up to her so that she can stick up for herself.
Because it was Halloween weekend, Evalyn had a number of costume changes. The next picture says it all ...
It is so true! He sure is under her spell.
She even went to church dressed for Halloween as Mommy's Little Pumpkin.

Even though she didn't have an actual costume and we didn't do any trick or treating, she had her share of Halloween fun!


Rona's Home Page said...

Congratulations Lucy. She's adorable.

Mrs Anne said...

she's a sweet little peanut.


Aunt Shelley said...

WOW...baby A looks exactly like her daddy in that picture

Anonymous said...

You and your baby girl are beautiful! I have been reading your blog since spring. I love your blog.


Ashley said...

She is toooo cute!! Looks like she had a great first Halloween!!

Brooke said...

lol! love the "spell" onesie