Friday, June 4, 2010

The One With The Freezer

I have a multitude of hilarious stories about the FD that took place longgggggggg before I began blogging. I have often thought of documenting some of these so that he can never escape them they are permanently recorded. One of the best ones took place very shortly after we began dating. I doubt this, or any of the other stories, tops the one where he peed the bed on our "first date" but it's pretty good, nonetheless.

I give you: The One With The Freezer

The Dude and I had been dating for a few weeks, tops. He came to my house to visit for the weekend (remember, the start of our relationship was long distance), and my whole family was home.

Of course, the FD knew my whole family before we started dating as we had been long time friends, but the dynamics certainly change when you start getting to know a family as "your new girlfriend's family/possible future in-laws". Most normal people would put on their best behaviour and try to make a very good impression on the family. Heck, he had just peed the bed a few weeks ago, he should have been trying to make a good impression on me!

And of course, the Dude did exactly that.

Sort of.

I was doing some laundry downstairs in the laundry room, where my parents deep freezer was located. The FD was sitting in there chatting with me when he opened the lid and discovered that the freezer wasn't overly full.

"I bet I could fit in there." He said.

Yeah, okay, whatever. I already knew this Dude was a goof, what else should I expect?

The next thing I knew, he was actually climbing into the freezer and closing the lid on his head.

I opened it up and said something along the lines of, "Get out of there you idiot."

But of course, the wheels in his unfathomable creative mind starting turning.

He had an idea.

When he gets an idea, it's rarely a good thing.

When he gets an idea, you should ran. Fast. And far away.

But, let me remind you, we had only been dating for a few weeks, I didn't yet know these things.

"Go upstairs and tell your dad he needs to get something out of the freezer. Then I'll scare him."

So, of course, I did just that.

I went upstairs where my mom was preparing dinner and whispered, "Get Dad downstairs to look in the freezer. Evan's hiding in there and is going to scare him."

My mom, who has a real heart for practical jokes, was down with that.

She called to my Dad and asked him to run downstairs and grab a bag of corn out of the freezer.

Meanwhile, the Dude was downstairs, freezing his buns off while waiting for the plan to evolve.

If I recall correctly, my Dad was outside BBQing so I'm not sure how she convinced him to go down to get the corn when he saw me standing there. But anyway, he went.

And I followed, of course.

I could hardly contain myself as he approached the freezer.

As if in slow motion, he lifted the lid of the freezer, looked down and was greeted by a simple "Hello" from my Fabulous Dude.

My Dad shook and screamed like a little girl. In fact, he might have tinkled in his pants just a little bit. I wouldn't be surprised.

He was so shocked, that he immediately let go of the freezer lid, causing it to drop down and bash the Dude on the head.

Some of the other family members had quietly followed us downstairs to witness the prank and we were all in stitches.

And then we remembered to let the Dude out of the freezer.

He had a bit of a sore head, but I think he would agree that my Dad's reaction was worth it.

Over the next few months, anytime the Dude was around, everyone in my family was VERY cautious if anyone asked them to go to the freezer. The Dude's location always had to be secured before anyone would willingly open that door.

He hasn't managed to get himself into a freezer anytime in the past few years, but I wouldn't be surprised if this trick comes out to play again in his lifetime.

So, if you're ever around us and we ask you to grab something from the freezer, you just might want to find out where the Dude is first!


Lucky in Love said...

Ha! I love this :)

My sister's husband actually did something similar to me when they first started dating. I went over to her apartment in college to do laundry..because clearly I was not paying to do it when she had one in her apartment...and he had been hiding on top of the dryer waiting to scare me! But I sat in the living room and talked for like 20 minutes before I even he was just perched up on the dryer for that long waiting. Ha!

Shaina said...

This is awesome. You're right - it DOES make me love E a little bit more - and I didn't even think it was possible!!! Hehehe!

Gina said...

This is awesome! I wish you had video!

Meg said...

bwahahaha...I love it! ;)

d.a.r. said...

Oh my gawd. This just made me die laughing. What a clown, I love it!!

Tricia said...

Kill-Ing me!!

Carey and Jon said...

Haha! That was a pretty sneaky of him! I think I would have reacted the same way your dad did!

Jessica said...

HAHAHA So funny!

Michelle said...

Hi, my name is Michelle and I found your blog through "Finding Joy in my Kitchen". I have glanced over some of your recipes and then that blog led me here, nice to meet you and congrats on the baby and I can't wait to try your Summer pasta salad soon. God Bless!

Brittany Ann said...

LOL! This is the best FD story yet! Good one!

Vee said...

Hilarious! That's a great idea for a blog post - I KNOW I've got some pre-blogging stories about the hubs that would make some great stories!

This Texas Momma said...

LOL!!!! What a great story! And looking back, it really should have been a clue as to what life with him would truely be like. ;) At least you will have beautiful laugh lines when you are older that will make your face look full of joy!

Brooke said...

that's awesome!!! lol.

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

HAhaha, oh my, that's funny! I laughed out loud. What a character!!