Thursday, June 3, 2010

25 Weeks!

How far along? 25 weeks ... According to the bump, I have now entered month 6 and my baby is the size of an eggplant.

Total inches/cms/weight gained: 10.5, the same as last week. The height of my fundus was 23.5 cm at my appointment on Tuesday which they said is fine. They want the cm's to be equivalent with the number of weeks you are pregnant, plus or minus two. I was 24.5 weeks at my appointment, so I'm just about right on. I have gained 4 lbs since my last appointment which seems just about right if you consider gaining 1 lb a week through the second trimester.

Maternity clothes? This week I had a small emotional breakdown when trying to decide what to wear to my thesis defense next week. I don't have to dress professionally very often so the pickins are slim. Thankfully, a sweet lady from my church came to my rescue and is hemming some pants for me as we speak!

Sleep: Wish I have been having more of it. I haven't been having the greatest sleeps. In fact, it appears that it's been a pretty sleepless week in blogland/Twitterverse - lots of people have been talking about having trouble sleeping. I've been waking up a few times a night to pee and usually I don't even really have to, it just feels like it. I've also been waking in the night with horrendous leg cramps! I've started doing stretches before bed and sleeping with my legs propped up on pillows so I hope that will help out a bit.

Cravings: None.

Aversions: None.

Best moment this week: Hearing baby's heartbeat (which was 150 bpm) at my appointment on Tuesday and starting our childbirth classes last night. So far, we're impressed!

Movement: More and more each day. The kicks are getting much stronger and I've had a few that have been bordering on uncomfortable. And with every kick, the belly moves. I keep saying that this gives new meaning the words belly dancing.

Gender: What do you think?

Labor Signs: Nope.

Belly Button in or out?
Wayyyyyyyyyy out.

What I miss: Having some sort of control over my wild emotions. Seriously, I'm not sure if it's the heat, all the stress I've been under or what - but my hormones are OUT OF CONTROL. The other day, I made burgers and while the FD was grilling them, he asked me what I put in them because they weren't staying together very well. I went into the closet and cried. Seriously, folks. I'm sure it's only going to get worse.

What I'm Looking Forward to: Being a pregnant bridesmaid this weekend. Well, I guess I was a pregnant bridesmaid in February but I'm a really pregnant bridesmaid now. Also, meeting my niece for the first time out of the womb.

Weekly Wisdom: Do not eat an egg salad sandwich immediately before yoga class. 'Nuff said.

Milestones: I've lost sight of my feet. If I stand with my feet hips distance apart and look straight down, all I can see is belly. I have to lean forward or stick my feet out to make sure they are still there.


Kelly and Sara said...

Cute blog! We just found you!
Check us out at:

Brittany Ann said...

I'm experiencing similar emotional tumult thanks to the moving stress. Don't worry. You're not alone.

I teared up at the thought of you tearing up over the crumbling hamburgers!

Gina said...

Thanks for the explanation about the fundus. I had no idea. Mine was 25 last time, and I was almost 26 weeks! Yay! See...I am not so huge! You made my day! Thanks!

Amy Silver said...

We are starting our classes on Saturday! Let me know what you think. I am going to say girl for you only because EVERYONE I know is having a boy, so there's gotta be at least one girl in there, lol.

Jessica said...

I love reading your weekly updates about the baby! Sorry it's been an emotional week. Hope your classes went well!

SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

You have an egg plant!! :)

Brooke said...

lol @ the yoga advice!! :)

Lois Lane II said...

Oh my gosh, you're doing a thesis defense while pregnant? Bravo, Lucy! You are my hero!

Seriously, I told my husband I didn't want to get pregnant at any time while I'm working on my doctorate because I'm afraid I'll go mental. You are an inspiration to me that maybe...just maybe...we might can move that timeline up a bit!!!

Carey and Jon said...

Coming over from Katie's blog!

I saw your comment about the Pack-n-Play with a changer--I live in a one level apartment also and have to admit, having the PnP with changer is nice. My little man is 4weeks old and we keep it in our bedroom right now. It beats having to trudge into the nursery at 3:30am :)

And I surely remember the sleepless nights while pregnant. But it is just your bodies' way of preparing you for once the little one is here!

Oh and the leg cramps! HORRIBLE! Stay hydrated and eat a banana before bed. The potassium helps ward them off! :)

Emily said...

I am thinking GIRL! That heart beat seems a little low to be a boy (I think). :)

d.a.r. said...

OMG I am flipping dying at the thought of you crying in the closet. That is so something I would do, hahaha. I am sorry, I shouldn't laugh.

And your loving and adoring fans request baby bump pictures please. Just no weird semi-pornographic ones, tee-hee!

Risley said...

I love your updates too!
my doc told me to take 1 or 2 tums at night before bed to make my leg cramps go away... and they have!!