Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!

Do any of you get into the whole April Fool's Day Business?

Growing up, there were two classic April Fool's Day jokes that circulated in our family. The first one was that we would spike each other's toothbrushes with baking soda so that our family members would get a nasty taste when they brushed their teeth. The second one, which was clearly way more intricate, was that my Dad would tell us, and as the years progressed, we would tell him, that there was a giant turtle sitting on the front yard. Somehow, this joke got to be a classic in the family and it tends to get brought up in one way or another almost every year. I also remember my mom telling my grandma that either my sister or I were pregnant before we were married. Oh, good times.

Last year, I think I tried to trick the FD by calling him at work and telling him Nika got hit by a car. That's just cruel, I know. But I think I may have had him partially convinced. This year, I have no idea how to try to trick him. The fallback trick, "Guess what honey? I'm pregnant" would not have as a great of effect this year as in past years.

So, perhaps, this year I will have to stick with the good ol' turtle on the front lawn.

What are some good April Fool's jokes you have pulled, or have had pulled on you?


Brooke said...

my mom loves april fools, so its been my life's quest to finally get her back for all that torture when i was young.

i've already got jay this morning - calling him on my way to the gym at 6:45 that i had a flat and i needed his help. :D

Taryn said...

My dad loves to play trips on us- he would put a clear hair binder on the sprayer in the kitchen faucet so that when you turned on the water- it would spray out at you. Seriously. Thanks daddy.

Taryn said...

play tricks- not trips.

I don't know why- but it worked. All.the.time.

Brittany Ann said...

I'm horrible with these kinds of pranks, hence my post today. I think it shows my lack of creativity.

Katie said...

oh that IS just mean! i can't do april fools jokes, bc i'm worried that i'll make everyone mad/upset :)

happy april fools, good luck in your day of tricking!!!

Jenn said...

I love playing pranks but not having them done to me! The big one growing up was to rubberband the sprayer at the sink down so whenever someone turned on the sink - they got sprayed. :)

Nicole said...

I was planning to go to my husband's office just before lunch and switch our cars. He's had one stolen in the past, so I thought that would be funny. But, I'm not going to have time. So, instead, I woke him up at 7:30 this morning and told him the office had just called and he was late for a meeting they had scheduled. He sat up and said, "What?" Ha .. ha ... haaaaa!!! He said that was a good one. He also said I was a good wife. Have a great day!

Lois Lane II said...

On one particular April Fools' Day, I VIVIDLY remember my mom coming into my room while I was sleeping, shaking me and saying, "WHY ARE YOU STILL ASLEEP??!! YOU'RE LATE FOR SCHOOL."

It was Saturday.

Holly said...

My family, both pre- and post- marriage, has never done much about April Fool's.
But Craig did have his vasectomy on April 1, several years ago. No joke! Fortunately, it seems to have been successful anyway.