Friday, April 2, 2010

Sixteen Weeks

Just as an update on yesterday's post, I did go ahead and try to pull the turtle trick a few times. I got up early and told Evan to "Come quick, there's a giant turtle on the patio". Then I called my Dad and said, "I don't know what to do. Evan is gone to work and a giant turtle is attacking Nika on the patio". Needless to say, neither of them bought it. Then, I took it a step further and tried to fool my twitter friends by saying. "FRIENDS I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO THERE IS A GIANT TURTLE ON MY PATIO ATTACKING NIKA". Luckily, Mrs. D came to my rescue and instructed me to, "pick him up by the sides of his shell where he can't turn his head far enough to reach your hands and carry him away". (Don't worry - she knew it was a joke, she was just playing along). I also convinced Shaina that I slipped in the shower and sprained my ankle. And this was after I tried to convince her that I died. Oh, good old April Fools.

On a much more serious note, please keep the dude's grandma in your thoughts and prayers. On Wednesday evening she fell in her room in the nursing home and badly broke her femur. From the information I've gathered so far, it appears as though the ball that connects the femur to the knee was snapped off and the femur bone split up the middle. At this point, the course of action for treatment and healing is undecided. Please pray for her as it seems there will be a long, long road ahead of her.

And now, onto this week's pregnancy update.

How far along?
16 weeks. According to The Bump, our baby is now the size of an avocado. That is confusing to me, since last week it was the size of a navel orange. Most navel oranges I have seen are much bigger than avocados? Anyway, I'll just roll with it and trust that my babe is growing bigger and stronger every day.

Total weight gain: I guess if I'm going to do this, I really should buy a scale. But I'm probably not going to. I will just weigh in when I am at my appointments or at Evan's aunts house (where I always secretly jump on the scale!) I think I am still somewhere between the 3-5 pound mark. At this point in the pregnancy, I am so much more concerned with being healthy and active than tracking every single pound.

Total inches gained: 4 inches, which shows a .5 inch increase since last week, but maybe that's because I ate lunch right before writing this?

Maternity clothes? I have put ALL my pre-preg pants away and am living completely in maternity pants. I am also mostly wearing maternity tops but I am loving my regular cardigans and open sweaters so I can put them over maternity tops.

Sleep: A-okay!

Cravings: I have been eating low fat cottage cheese, with a sprinkle of salt and pepper spread on whole wheat soda crackers for the past 3 weeks. I usually eat this for second breakfast. Yes, I eat three breakfasts a day. I don't know if this is really a craving or not, but I am loving it. I also have started craving chik-fil-a something fierce. I am having a hard time suppressing my anger at Jenny for introducing me to its deliciousness. Would someone please send me some?!

Aversions: Luckily, I have not had any food aversions. Even through the time that I was in the heat of sickness. Sure, there have been days when I did not want to eat anything, or days that certain foods seemed to set me off, but overall - other than Chinese food (the first thing I threw up) - there is nothing that I feel completely put off by.

Best moment this week: See below.

Movement: I think I might have begun to feel some 'quickening'. At first, I thought I was just imagining it because I thought it was too early to be feeling anything. But then, I have noticed the same feeling happening at very similar times during the day. I noticed it for 3-4 days in a row as I was laying down to go to bed. And then I also noticed it during church on Sunday. It literally felt like there was a little fish swimming around in there. Then I went a few days without noticing it and felt it again quite a bit yesterday. After talking to a few people, I discovered that it's not as unheard of as I thought to feel some movement around 15-16 weeks. Last week, the midwife told me it may not happen until 20 weeks but with my build, and if the placenta is located behind the baby (which we won't know until the ultrasound), it's possible I could feel it much earlier. I guess in a few weeks, I will know for sure if that's what it was or not.

Gender: This question is going to be boring fast, since for the next 25 weeks I am going to continue telling you over and over that we don't know.

Labor Signs: Nope.

Belly Button in or out? Innie

What I miss: I miss my face not looking like a 13 year old version of itself.

Weekly Wisdom: Do not wear full panel maternity jeans when your tummy is just barely starting to pop. If you do, you will find yourself having to hike them up with every step or else be constantly concerned that your pants are going to fall to your ankles at any moment.

Milestones: Four months down!


Sarah said...

I remember when my little man was an avocado! :) Glad you're feeling well. I'll pray for your grandma. I work in a retirement community and have a special place in my heart for seniors. I hope all goes well.

Gina said...

I bet you are feeling it. I felt this baby move at 14 weeks 2 days! Is it really low? That's where I always feel mine...and she :) is always hanging out on my left side! So exciting!

Land of Blissful Chaos said...

Feeling your baby move is one of the best feelings ever. Just wait until you snuggle with Evan and the baby goes crazy. I used to snuggle up behind Jeff and right after my belly would touch his back, they boys would start kicking him like crazy.

Prays sent for Evan's grandma.

Mrs. Love Bug said...

congrats on 16 weeks!

Jenn said...

Time is just flying! It seems like just yesterday that we got the "OH MY GOSH" email! :)

SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

an avocado :) how cute.

and how exciting to feel the little one!!

Miss Anne said...

Such exciting times! I love your updates! :)

It's such a wonderful feeling isn't it?

I am enjoying getting to know you as we both go through this lovely journey together :)

Saying a prayer for dude's grandma... hoping that she heals quickly and without pain.

happiest Easter to YOU and yours!

Brittany Ann said...

Awww! So exciting that you can start to feel movement!

Lucky in Love said...

Love this :) So excited for you :)

Taryn said...

Oh no- I am so sorry to hear about grandma. Keep us posted.

Why does your face look like you are 13?


Brooke said...

prayers for grandma...

Shaina said...

Mmmm I love avocados! Hmmm. Inappropriate? Maybe ... :)

Green Heart Mom said...

I came across your blog looking for recipes one day. I have been enjoying some of them. Congratulations on your pregnancy. The Bella Band works great for not having to pull your pants up. Take Care and Best Wishes.

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