Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Goal Review and April Goals

March has been a wonderful month. We've had some really great weather! The newness and the freshness of Spring is so rejuvenating! It reminds me that the Lord's mercies are new every morning.

Let's see how I did with my goals throughout the month of March:

1. School goals: Finalize discussion chapter, begin conclusion chapter, mark 3 presentations, mark student's second assignment, complete and finalize thesis reference page (for someone as organized as I normally am - I have done a horrible job keeping my reference page up to date as I have worked my way through writing the chapters of my thesis. This is going to be a messy, messy job.)

I have come to realize that there is nothing like the impending arrival of a baby to get me moving and get me motivated to get things done. I have completed all of these goals and more. In fact, an entire draft of my thesis is in the hands of my advisor as we speak. Hopefully, she will have the edits and feedback ready for me by the end of the week. Getting my first draft completed allowed me to submit a "first draft form" which will result in a significant tuition decrease for the summer term. I am well on my way to defending and being outta there by July.

2. Finish the book of Acts and begin the book of Romans through the Text Project to stay up to date with my through the new testament in a year goal.

I am done the book of Acts and have finished the first few chapters of Romans. I love being in the word every single day!

3. Welcome a new niece or nephew into our lives ... any day now!

Baby B was born on March 21st, 2010! We haven't had a chance to meet her yet, but will be very soon.

4. Spend a weekend with my mom, sister, SIL, and many girlfriends from church being uplifted at the Beth Moore conference.

We did and we had a wonderful time. Check it out here.

5. Begin preparations and planning for our 2010 garden.

We didn't actually sit down and plan out how many of each plant we're going to plant and how we are going to lay out the garden but we have started talking about what we're going to do the same and differently than last year. And, we have our seed potatoes so we're all set and ready to plant them soon.

April Goals

1. School goals: Tidy up thesis based on advisor's feedback, send first draft to committee. Begin planning and preparing for defense. Mark final presentation, final checkpoint, and major assignment. Complete all TAing duties.

2. Faith Goals: Begin a new Beth Moore bible study with women at church. Continue keeping up with the text project.

3. Fitness Goals: Begin a yoga class. I am really pumped about this one! Continue briskly walking at least 3 times per week.

4. Plan/attend three wedding/baby showers for friends.

5. Get the garden worked, potential start planting some things depending on the weather. *This is definitely more of a FD goal ... I serve as more of a supervisory role in terms of the garden. At least until it's time to harvest. Then I get in there like crazy.

6. Do some spring cleaning: wash windows (which isn't hard since our basement apartment only has one patio door for a window), scrub all floors thoroughly, organize FD's closet, start purging in the spare room (i.e. baby's room).

7. See our little one at our 20 week ultrasound!

8. Celebrate Easter with my family.

What have you got going on for the month of April?


Holly said...

I am once again in awe of how much you accomplish in a month!

This Texas Momma said...

I really want to plant SOMETHING this spring. I bought some little troughs at Target yesterday in the $1 isle and I thought they would be good for starting some herbs. Otherwise I'm going to have to dig up a jungle of weeds to get any type of good planting area. But the high today is 85 (that's 30 to you!) so maybe I'll get motiviated.

Brooke said...

you did great for March and have a huge list for April - no doubt with your nesting pregnancy urges you'll sail through all of those too.

Kayla said...

Good luck!! I haven't even begun to think about my April goals, actually I don't think I even posted about March ones! haha :-) Way to go!

Gina said...

look at you! You are amazingly accomplished!

SnoWhite {Finding Joy in My Kitchen} said...

Awesome work with your thesis!! :)

July, eh? We'll have to part-y!