Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Goal Review

Happy Halloween! I am out of town (actually out of the country) right now visiting my sister in law and her family and meeting the newest addition to our family, Baby C.

That is what my scheduled post was supposed to say. However, I am actually not out of the country visiting my new nephew. I started to get sick on Wednesday so I decided not to go. Then, I started to get better on Thursday, so I decided to go. Then, on Thursday evening I found out that someone close to me had been in close contact with H1N1 and was exhibiting symptoms herself so I felt that I should not go visit the new babe. I am still not really sick (although not feeling 100%), so I am hoping that I have been able to evade the illness. Either way, I didn't want to risk going there and being around young children ... especially a new born baby.

The FD was supposed to leave last night for a week of hunting but was sweet and decided to stay home until this morning so I didn't have to be by myself for quite so long. We had a nice little date last night.

So, I'm going to head home to visit my parents today and come back either Sunday or Monday. I don't really care for staying home by myself ... especially since FD took Nika with him. It gets a wee bit quiet and lonely.

On September first, I decided to start keeping track of monthly goals on my blog as a way of keeping myself motivated and accountable. At the end of the month, I did a review of how the goals went and I found that I did pretty good at keeping up with my goals.

We've now come to the end of October so it's time to see how I did with this month's list of goals. Unfortunately, October was not as productive as September.

1. Complete Christmas savings and get a good start on Christmas shopping. Christmas saving is done. Getting a good start on Christmas shopping is not done. I only bought two small gifts all month. I will be getting serious about the Christmas shopping in the coming weeks. I am NOT a last minute kind of gal.

2. Switch out summer clothes for fall/winter clothes. I got this done but it really wasn't a very hard job since most of my clothes stay out and all it is is a matter of unloading on rubbermaid bin into FD's closet and putting his shorts and t-shirts away.

3. Celebrate Thanksgiving with both of our families (remember, Canadian Thanksgiving is in October). Yup - we had a lovely weekend spent with our families.

4. Get ethics approval, secure participants and arrange focus group dates. This whole process is taking way longer than I ever anticipated and is causing some serious grief! I finally got approval last week and have now started to secure participants.

5. Tidy up lit review, complete introduction and theory chapters. Lit review is good. The intro is still weak. The theory chapter - well, let's just not go there.

6. Complete the Love Dare. Ha! In my September review I stated that I was on day 12 of 40 at the end of the month. I am now on day 15. Apparently I did not achieve this goal.

7. Make and can applesauce and apple butter. Yup - we did it.

8. Continue making soup each week. Yes - this month we had French Onion Soup, Minestrone Soup, Cabbage Soup, Chicken and Dumpling Soup and End of the Garden Vegetable Soup

9. Continue and improve cash grocery shopping budget. I did pretty good this month, although our party last week threw me off a little bit (i.e. I used my debit card at the grocery store a few times). I'm ready to start fresh and get back on track starting tomorrow.

10. Proctor and mark midterms. Blech - yes. Done and done.

How was your October?


Shaina said... always make me feel that I never do anything, haha! If I made a goals list for the month of November, it would be something like:

Make dinner a bunch of times
Celebrate 1st anniversary at fancy restaurant
Eat my face off at Thanksgiving
Don't forget to workout
Try to freaking clean once in awhile, dammit

Stephanie said...

My October was great, Oct 2nd was the BF and I's one year anniversary then week later had to go to ohio for my great grandma's funeral, then it was my 23rd bday on the 20th and then last night was my bf's grandsons bday party and while there I got word from ohio that my cousin had her lil girl. busy month! Not to mention I made homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs as well as homemade chilli never made them before and they both turned out delicious!

Lindsey Carver said...

Christmas shopping already? Wow, girl! I need to make up a list of things for me and the babe for my mom, but as for buying things I have NO clue! I'll just get past Thanksgiving in a few weeks and then let the pressure be on. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, praying you don't get the swine flu!

You are so productive! I don't see how you get all the other stuff done with the school work you have to do!

Caley said...

Sorry for the swine flu . . . my bad :(

SnoWhite said...

I'm with you on the Christmas shopping... we're celebrating extra early this year (like in 2 weeks!) when I get to see my family... yikes! I've got to get going (i'm not a last minute one either).

Hope you enjoy the time with your family -- I don't like being by myself either.

Stephanie said...

The only reason I say my last goal no eating out the entire month is because Im on like day 83 or 84 of not fast food already and well dont have alot of money to go out to eat to restaurants only been two or three times entire month of october. Its a huge progress from couple months ago! Its been hard but now that I realize I can do it.

Katie said...

So sorry that you didn't get to go out of town.

Good for you for all that you accomplished! Especially the Christmas savings. Ugh...I am just now starting to think about that!!

New England Girl said...

Good for you!! I love being productive and having check marks next to all of my tasks on my frequent to do list. It makes me feel so accomplished. :) You should be super happy with yourself... you did so well!

I hope you feel better. And I also hope you get to see the new addition sooner than later! Sorry this trip had to be cancelled. :(

Happy Halloween!

Mrs. Potts said...

Very cute blog!
I wish I could say that I've even thought about Christmas shopping yet. Well, I guess I've thought about it, but haven't started it yet. I will though!

You've got a new follower too! :)

Taryn said...

Oh- sorry you don't fell 100%. Get better!

(I am pretty sure that all things thesis related is like home renovations- they will always take longer (but not cost more money) than you think. It is so weird.)

Lucky in Love said...

You are so well organized it is ridiculous! I should really do this :)