Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Goals

My goal setting and tracking went really well for September. Thanks for all the feedback and encouragement yesterday. It really helps me get things accomplished knowing that I've written it down and told some people about it. Even though I know none of you would hunt me down and send me to my room if I didn't get them accomplished (or would you..), this really gives me a sense of accountability. October is a fun month and I am excited to get some things accomplished!

1. Complete Christmas savings and get a good start on Christmas shopping. I'm combining these two since the first part was actually a September goal that didn't quite get achieved.

2. Switch out summer clothes for fall/winter clothes. Most of my clothes stay out year round because I have a big dresser. But I need to get out my winter PJs because I'm starting to get chilly at night. And my boots. My sweet, precious boots (perhaps someday I'll admit to you all how many I own....) Also, FD's clothes need to be switched because I put his seasonal work clothes away on the off season. After the chilly week we've just had, I know it's time!

3. Celebrate Thanksgiving with both of our families (remember, Canadian Thanksgiving is in October)

4. Get ethics approval, secure participants and arrange focus group dates.

5. Tidy up lit review, complete introduction and theory chapters.

6. Complete the Love Dare.

7. Make and can applesauce and apple butter.

8. Continue making soup each week.

9. Continue and improve cash grocery shopping budget.

10. Proctor and mark midterms.

Let's see how the month goes.

Happy October, everyone!


Emily said...

Awesome goals - love that you have savings for Christmas shopping. A girl after my own heart!

Kristin said...

I hope October goes as well as September for you.

Brittany Ann said...

Apple butter? My fav! Yet another reason I must come visit!

Jenny.Lee said...

Happy October!

Annie said...

i wish i had already started christmas shopping or at least had a fund for presents! you are so organized and awesome at planning ahead!
great goals you have hun! :)
happy october to you!!

Taryn said...

Good luck chica! I am so happy with my homemade applesauce. yumm!

Rona's Home Page said...

Great idea listing your goals. It's a good reminder through out the month.

Shaina said...

L, you are so awesome! I clearly need to start getting my life together.

Lucky in Love said...

Good luck! Like you need it.... :)

SnoWhite said...

nice list, my friend.

Kayla said...

So you totally reminded me that I need to do my October goals! This is a great list though, good luck!