Friday, September 25, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Crepes

This week at Kelly's corner the theme for Show Us Your Life is desserts. How fitting, since last night we enjoyed our very favourite dessert. Crepes make a regular appearance around here (I already posted the recipe at Lucy's Kitchen if you want to see it but I thought I'd write this post here since I'm sure most of you like to read about yummy sweets).

The recipe I posted at Lucy's Kitchen can easily be doubled, tripled or quadrupled. They can even be made ahead of time. We made crepes for about 30 people before and made them the day before, stacked them on a plate and warmed them in the oven for a few minutes before serving. They can also be frozen. Stacked and separated with waxed paper.

As you know, my BFF and her sister moved home from Scotland about a week ago, which is the reason (combined with the fact that I'm full force into yr 2 grad school) that my blog has been much-o lam-o lately.

They returned home just in time for the season premier of Grey's Anatomy.

There was just no option. Crepes would be had.

So, last night, we enjoyed a delicious batch of crepes made for us by none other than the fabulous dude himself. And by made by him, I mean he poured the batter into the pan. Apparently, when I buy, measure, mix, chop and combine the ingredients and hand a bowl of batter to him to cook, he claims to have "made" it. Ahem ... moving on.

You start by mixing all of the ingredients together in a food processor.

It works best if you have a few of these to help sustain you...

(I can't believe I posted this picture of myself!)

Then, run a spatula through the bowl to make sure that it's all smoothly combined.

Heat a 6 inch skillet or crepe pan (yes crepes appear often enough in our house to justify owning a crepe pan) lightly sprayed with cooking spray.

Remove pan from heat, and ladle batter into it, tilting the pan to spread the batter out.

Cook for 2-3 minutes until crepe begins to brown. Flip.

Cook for another minute or two. Transfer onto a plate.

Top with your favourite toppings...


My creation:

Nutella and banana inside a crepe. Topped with strawberries, chocolate sauce, freshly whipped cream and powdered sugar.
Amy's creation:

Chocolate chips, bananas and strawberries. Topped with a strawberry, whipped cream and powdered sugar.
Katie's creation:

Chocolate chips, strawberries, bananas. Topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and powdered sugar (and no face).
The Fabulous Dude's creation:

I have no idea because I was too busy stuffing my face to care.


Heather said...

LOVE crepes!! This looks so good, I want to make them now!!

Raisingarrows said...

I grew up with 3 crepes being rolled together w/ syrup on top for breakfast. These were "pancakes" in my home and it wasn't until I got to school I found out that NOBODY else had EVER eaten THOSE kind of pancakes! My family had immigrated from Germany to Prussia and this had been handed down through the years. Years later I met a man from Russia who ate the same thing and understood what I was talking about!
Looks like you had fun! :)

Brooke said...

they look marvelous! :) did you watch flash forward before grays?

Lucky in Love said...

Okay, I've been looking for a reason to buy nutella. Consider it found.

Anonymous said...

They have the Nutella/banana/strawberry crepe at IHOP (do ya'll have IHOPs up there?). Those look amazing. Once again I want to hop on a plane just so you can cook them for me!

SnoWhite said...


Annie said...

hehe, cute picture!!
i want a crepe, i haven't had one in at least 10 years. they look so nummy!!!

Kristen said...

ahh that looks amazing!

Taryn said...

You are so funny- who cares what FD made?

Also- that picture of you is so lovely!

I am jealous of your crepes. when I lived in Athens I would get a crepe exactly like yours almost every night . . . not too good for me- but Nutella and bananas is just so so so good!

I can't eat Nutella anymore because I realized the hazelnuts hurt me- but seeing your crepes makes me want to just endure the pain for the goodness going down!

(p.s. where is your Nutella made? I swear European nutella is better than American- but maybe Canadian nutella is as good as the European stuff . . .)

Ells said...

They are beautiful! I am sure ours never look so good 'cause we're focused on getting them in our bellies fast. :) But we also own a crepe pan. You have to have priorities!

Fun post!

C @ Project Pretty said...

These look downright amazing, luc!! I wanted to jump through the screen and eat some with you!! Maybe someday! ;)

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Goodness gracious, do those look fantastic! Does the FD take reservations, or should I just stop in?! ;)


P.S. The FD looks terribly intimidating holding up that can of pan spray. Eeek!! ;)