Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you, my person.
My best friend!

Ice cream tastes better when I'm eating it with you.

A campfire smells better when I'm sitting at it with you.

Shopping is more fun when I'm walking around the mall with you.

Grey's Anatomy is more exciting when I'm watching it with you.

Staying up way too late sucks less when I stay up late with you.

I am so glad you are home.

Happy Birthday!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday K-dot!

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Cheers to best friends!

Happy, happy birthday!


Country Dreaming said...


It's great to have best buds--they know everything about you and still want to be your bud. As we get older we sometimes lose contact
with some people and that's hard to deal with sometimes but then you just have to be thankful for those that you do see and talk to. If you have the chance to see or talk to someone you haven't seen for a while all the better!
That's one of those "special"
times on our lives.

Enjoy your day.


Lucky in Love said...

So sweet! You two are so cute :)

New England Girl said...

Adorable post!! Happy Birthday to your BF! :)

♥B said...

Happy Birthday Best friend.

Brittany Ann said...

Happy birthday! These special people are truly priceless!

Holly said...

I remember the day she was born!

Jenny.Lee said...

Awww Happy birthday to your best!!!