Wednesday, May 1, 2013


No one will argue with me when I say that there’s something so entirely, incredibly rejuvenating that comes along with the entrance of spring. This year, especially, we have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for spring to arrive. And arrive it has.

My soul is revived. Energized. Excited.

I have bee more productive in the last two or three weeks than I probably was for the past four months. I am tackling tasks that kept getting pushed and pushed and pushed off. For another day, another week, another month. Evan has been landscaping and working in the yard like crazy – he is in his element. Evalyn is enjoying hours of outside time nearly every day. Gwen is excited to learn and explore in the grass.

With this season comes new life. New hopes and new dreams.

It makes me excited for the adventures my girls and I will have in the coming months as we enjoy the outdoors, the sunshine and all the beauty of God’s creation.

The windows are open and the breeze is bringing with it the fresh smell of spring air into my kitchen. My house is filled with the smells of food I’ve been cooking all morning while Big Sister is at school and Little Sister is sleeping. I can hear our chickens clucking away as they are wandering around the yard, getting used to this place they now call home. I can see the dog sprawled out in the sun smack dab in the middle of the front yard. Across the road, I see our favourite neighbors feeding their (or, our, as Evalyn would tell you) horses, goats, donkey, chickens and ducks. I’m itching to get outside and move as soon as the baby wakes up.

Today is a beautifully rejuvenating day here in my home.

Thank you, God.


Gina said...

Yep. I feel like a new person this week.

Lynsey said...

Every morning that I wake up and see the sun shining, I feel like a new person. My love for spring and summer knows no boundaries.