Wednesday, April 17, 2013

this girl

Just another post about my Eeba.


All day, every day she is singing random songs. Usually to common tunes. Recently, one of the best was: “Jingle bells, jingle bells watch out for the fox. Every time it comes around, it bites me on the nose”. Another good one was, to the tune of ABCs, “I have de most boo tee full face in da whole world”. At least she’s humble.

A few weeks ago, the Aunties were over and at some point in the evening, she tried to sell them my living room coasters for $400. If I let her take charge I’d be rich! My house may be empty of all my possessions, but I’d have a lot of money.

Back to singing, we have a lot of the Cedarmont Worship kids CDs and she loves to listen to them in the car. Recently, her favourite is “All in All”. Although for a long time, she thought it was the “Olive All” song. Picture her belting out “You are my strength when I am weak, you are the treasure that I seek, you are my olive all!” This is quite the compliment though, as olives are pretty much the best thing on earth as far as she’s concerned.

Before we went to my parents, she decided that she really wanted to go to the wess-ah-want with nana. She called her and asked if she’d take her and told her that she planned on ordering “chips, bread, tacos and melon juice”. I thought I had figured out that melon juice was lemonade but when we actually did go out for lunch with my parents I realized she was referring to water with a slice of lemon.

She called my girls the milk feeders. That is all.

In her prayer tonight, she prayed “Dear God, Help all my friends to be better.Help their mommies and daddies to don’t have owies. And put Jesus to fill my heart”. Talk about puddle of mush!

She uses the word “live” in an inappropriate context often times. She uses it whenever she wants to say ‘stay’ or really, talk about the location of anything. Like, she will pick up a bug outside and ask me if I want him to live on my hand. Or she’ll tell me she wants her shoes to live on the carpet until she’s done her nap and then she can put them back on. The only problem was when she told her teacher that her Daddy lives in his truck and then lives at work. 

She’s a fairly polite girl. We’ve never had much trouble getting her to use her manners. Although she needs the odd reminder, her pleases, thank yous, your welcomes and excuse me’s come quite readily. However, there is one phrase of manners that she has really struggled to pick up. And that is using “pardon me” instead of a gawking “WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT” all the time. After careful observation (read: listening to myself speak for 2.7 minutes) I realized that the reason she has had more trouble with this particular phrase is because she doesn’t see it modeled as readily as the others. Dudes. I am horrible for just shouting “WHAT” instead of ‘Pardon me’. It drives Evan bonkers so I’ve been actively working on it to help her get a hold of it. And she’s getting there. As am I. Although clearly, not fast enough. Just yesterday, Evan was in the living room with the baby while I was doing dishes and Eva was at the dining room table. Evan said something and I replied with the ever so lovely “WHAT?”. Eva was very quick to remind me, “Mom. You shouldn’t have said what. You should always say pardon me. Can you say pardon me to daddy now?”

Her pretend play has exploded lately. It’s so fun to watch. She acts out different scenes and activities with all of her toys. The best is how she will often narrate the things she’s acting out with them as though she’s reading a book. The other day, she was playing with one of her playmobil sets and I overheard something like this … "Would you like to help me?" "Oh yes sweetie, in a minute", called his Muvver (mother). "Let's go swimming now sweetie" called his Muvver. "Oh no no no you have to share" called his Muvver. "Oh dear, my sweetie, that's not yours. That's Gods candy" called his Muvver. "Come hold my hand now little boy. It's time to go swimming" called his Muvver.

A few days ago in the car, Gwennie was crying her head off about something and Evalyn was trying to sing a song. Finally she said (in quite an exasperated tone), “MOM? Can you turn the CD off and then turn your baby off so I can sing my song?”

She has a little bit of trouble when describing things that relate to the passing of time. For example, “Next time can I go in my wagon next week in the summer when it’s warm and cozy tomorrow?” Or “Is Daddy here yet?” “No, not for another hour and a half”. “Is hour and a half here yet on Tuesday?”

Lately, she’s been talking about having a new baby, far too much. In the grocery store, she told three people that we have a new baby and it’s going to be a baby brother named Alec. Um, no.

When we go to town to visit friends/family, we drive past this place…


Twice last week when we drove past she said, “Yook mom! Yook at dat Pepsi. Dats the store to buy chips and pop and ice cream!”  Don’t know if I should be proud or embarrassed.

We were doing crafts in the playroom the other day and I got some glue on the table. She quickly got a cloth to wipe it up and as she was doing so, looked up at me and said “Don’t do bad choices, okay, Mom?”

She was having a time out and when that happens she knows she has to sit until the timer on the microwave goes off. She was sitting there and then made a fake beeping sound and told me the timer was done. Seriously. How do you discipline and not laugh at that?

The other day, Evan brought home a special treat of sour gummy worms. Of course, she was all over that and quickly demolished a few. I told her we had to put them away and she asked me, “tomorrow can I have tons more and five candies?” Sure, kid. Sure.

A few nights ago, after a particularly sleepless night, Eva sauntered into our room at 5:50 am. I was too tired to object and as long as she went back to sleep, it was a-okay with me. After 10ish minutes of tossing and turning, she sat up and said “Mom, you won’t move over. I’m going back to my bed”. Well, I am sorry to have been such an inconvenience.

And probably the best of all (and the one she will be most likely to kill me for sharing some day down the road)… she was watching Diego and he said “We’re going to the mountains of China!” Quickly she chimed in, “Diego’s in the mountains v*gina!”

Over the past week, we’ve battled our second round of some sort of nasty stomach bug. Through it, Eva had a few doozies. For example, she went up to Evan when he was sleeping at one point and told him “Alright, lazy bones. Time to get moving” and another time asked him, “are you okay now? Are you good enough to walk?”

Along with the tummy bug, Eva has been battling a bit of a cold which has made her voice funny. One of the best parts of it is that she’s struggled to pronounce some words. We had so much fun with it and kept bugging her because she would look out the window and say “Look at those wobins!” And we’d say, “What? I don’t see any wobins outside”. She would stop and look at us and say, “No, I said look at those WWW-W-W-WOBINS”. We went back and forth and back and forth for so long. It was hilarious. Soon enough she figured out the joke was on her and now it’s a running joke. The same thing happened when she couldn’t find her “Ruvver boots”.

Last night, she kept telling me she wanted to play “pork chop”. Call me crazy but I had no idea what she was trying to request. After quite a bit of investigation and questioning, I finally figured it out. And we spent our evening playing…..



Otherwise known as pork chop.

Oh, this girl.


Shannon Dew said...

Stop it EEBA! OMG she's too much! I so wish she and KP could play. I can just hear the conversations!

Jaclyn_Rose said...

I literally LOLd at some of those - hubs thought I was crazy... until I showed him and he laughed too.

Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Omg...she sounds like a riot! Love it! That first picture is so precious. I'm starting to see E get more into pretend play...I'm excited about that upcoming phase!

Anonymous said...

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Brittany {Coleman Chronicles} said...

She's such a hoot! She and Hadley would have a blast - even if no one really understood what they were saying? Hadley does the time thing, too. The other day she told me "when I wake up from nap, in 2 weeks, then Nana come over tomorrow." Umm... right. :)

Jessica Gehman said...

You know how you were talking about not blogging the other day? This right here, is why you should stick to it! LOVE that Eeba girl!