Tuesday, April 9, 2013

this is what we call a brain dump

1. Everyone looks at Gwen crawling and cruising and walking holding my fingers and makes the “Oh, no, Mama. Get ready. She’s gonna be walking soon”. And guess what? I CANNOT WAIT. Other than the fact that her walking means she is growing up faster than I refuse to believe, there is absolutely no reason I don’t want her to walk. The truth is, when she starts walking, life will be a lot easier. Most people think the opposite. But I don’t. It’s not like she doesn’t move around completely and fully as it is. I found with Eva once she gained the independence of walking, her frustration levels decreased like whoa. Not to mention the whole taking the kids outside to play thing is kind of ridiculous since all I can do is carry Gwen around.

2. I used to be a good blogger. Now I suck. Maybe someday I’ll find my voice again. Then again, maybe I won’t.

3. I was chatting with some tweeps about some funny stories about Evan. Some of them have been shared on this blog in years past. But, many of my current readers are more recent. I am thinking about starting a little series on funny stories about that Dude. Like, the time he peed the bed, the time he hid in the freezer to scare my dad, the time he snuck into my parent’s room at a cabin with a real, live fish to wake my mom up… The kind of stories that make me say, “Wait. WHAA? I married him?”

4. Speaking of things that could/should be on this blog. Remember once upon a time I had a cooking blog? I miss that. I cook a lot. I love sharing recipes. But it’s the whole remembering to take a photo of the steps and final product and blah, blah, blah….

5. Lots has happened around here this week. Due to a series of unforeseen events, I am back to working part time. Or at least I am for a little while. More on that later, maybe.

6. Evalyn is obsessed with rhyming. It’s so cute. And funny because she really has no idea what rhyming is. I am trying to tell her it’s when the end of a word sounds the same. But she isn’t quite getting it. Every day she comes up with some great new rhymes. And she is so excited about it. Our favourites? “Buttah! Peanut Buttah. DAT RHYMES. Pets. Wonder pets. DAT RHYMES! Daddy. Uncle Tim. DAT RHYMES. Lolly. Lolipop. DAT RHYMES! Pizza. Chicken wing. DAT RHYMES! Sky, wall. Floor, window. Milk, hat. DOS RHYME”

7. I went back and looked through my blog posts and pictures and updates from when Evalyn was 9-10 months old. And holy cow. I feel like she was way more grown up and big than Gwennie is. I MEAN, GWENNER IS STILL MY TINY BABY. It is reassuring for me to know that I still think that Gwen is a baby. I didn’t feel like Eva was a baby anymore at this age.

8. Running errands with kids is a pain in the rear. But, guess what? It is way less of a pain in the rear when the weather isn’t in sub zero temperatures. Finally, I no longer feel shaky and break out into hives thinking about taking both kids to the grocery store or Wal-Mart or anywhere really. I feel good knowing that it was simply the winter weather that was decreasing my confidence. Not my mom skillz. 

9. Nap time will be over soon. You’ll find us outside. WITHOUT COATS.


Samantha said...

A big fat "YES" to 3 and 4.

Also a big fat "YOU BETTER" to 2.

And I love you! (DAT RHYMES!!)

Mommy Mandy said...

Why is it that errands are so much easier in the warmth? I totally agree! EVERYTHING is better when it's warm!

Sarah said...

I could not agree with number one more. I felt the exact same way when my son learned to crawl. He is so much happier now that he can get from point A to point B (which means we are ALL happier). While I am not rushing walking, I am not dreading it either. I'm also convinced that the "Oh, you're life is going to be over!" comment is just a thing people say. Why? It's unclear to me, but everyone feels the need to mention it when talking about babies and mobility.

Jillian said...

I loved when they stared walking too! It's so much easier when you have a second child!

Taryn said...

Hey- I remember when you had a cooking blog. That was fun. I remember when I had one too and actually blogged. Wow- that was long ago. You were just about to have your first little one. Crazy.

Enjoy the nicer weather.