Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some things

Leave it to me to all but abandon this blog and then randomly pop in with the world’s most scattered, incoherent brain dump post.

We’ve reached the point where getting Gwennie changed is worse than wrangling a wild zoo animal. So that’s fun.

Hardwoods throughout the entire house + crawling baby = also fun.

Whenever I’m out, be it shopping or at a restaurant, or any public place, really, and I see a baby asleep in a car seat or stroller, I have to stop myself from staring with my jaw on the floor. Honestly, this really happens? My babies do not do this. Ever. Aside from very early infancy, neither of my girls have ever stayed asleep in the car seat. Sure, they’ll sleep in the car but as soon as we stop (even at a red light sometimes) awake. And to even consider falling asleep while riding in the stroller? Impossible. Evalyn did it once, around 10 months old, on the hottest day in the history of the world at the zoo. For 15 minutes. So yes. Babies sleeping in public places. Foreign world to me.

Evalyn has her first ear infection, well, make that double ear infection, of her life. In other words, this was highly warranted today.


We’re almost halfway through the month. How? I have no idea. I had a great old list of things to get done this month and so far that seems to be flying out the window.

As of yesterday, I’m obsessed with spring footwear for my toddler. Toms? Converse? What’ll it be?

Sleep talking is funny. Last week, when Evan came to wake me up to tell me the baby was up (seriously, I think him waking me up instead of my body waking up to the sound of the baby crying totally screws me up). I told him: “Bring the shelf in here. Let me dust it, that’ll help”. Then the next night, he woke me up at 2am and said “I think by tonight we should be ready for the wall prep”. And last night, I stood outside of Eva’s door and listened to her telling her baby a big old story about something. Who knows what.

I am tired.

That’s about all that’s inside my brain today.


Mateya said...

Seriously the whole changing the baby thing is like an Olympic sport these days!

Also, I hear ya on the wood floors. We have hardwoods in some part and ceramic tile in the kitchen/bathrooms. All bad choices.

Deanna said...

I vote no Toms.... go with Converse. I just don't think they're cute at all. :)

Jess @ Wrangling Chaos said...

I cannot even deal with the diaper changing anymore. I smell it, and I want to cry because I know it's going to be just like an Olympic sport.

I hate Toms. But converse rock.

Why are your kids so cute? I want to come visit you just so I can take pictures of your pretty babies.