Thursday, February 14, 2013

It’s been too long

It’s been too long since I’ve sat down to jot down some things about my oldest little. I really do wish that I could somehow bottle up and contain every little thing she does. Wouldn’t that be nice? Over the Christmas holidays, my laptop crashed. It wasn’t a huge deal because I knew it was coming to the end of its life so everything important was all backed up. Everything except draft posts that I had written. I use windows live writer and totally forgot to save my drafts elsewhere. One, in particular, was a running list of “Evalynisms’ that I try to jot down on a daily basis. I am sad. I feel like a coupes months of her funny has just disappeared. But oh well, I try to remember the best ones and the rest just become a part of who she is, I guess.

Lately, she’s been the queen of conjunctions. For a long time, it was “cause”, now it is “but”. Every sentence begins and ends with “but” and there are usually a few “buts” thrown in the middle. “But I need a snack but my tummy is hungry but I want some pretzels but can I watch a show?”

Her most recent favourite story is “Curduroy” or “Quarter Bear” according to her. She loves reading it to her sister. “Quarter bear has a button but he doesn’t know where is his button. He goes boom on the lamp and goes ride on the alligator (escalator)”.

Whenever I tell her it’s time to do something, her automatic response is “Can I dust play four more minutes and DEN I go to bed?” Always “four more minutes”. Not sure if it’s a mix up between for a few more minutes and ___ number of minutes or what. But it’s hilar.

She has taken to calling both Gwennie and I “Sweetie Heart”. It’s kind of precious. Especially since I don’t say this myself. It’s all her.

The measures of love are hilarious. Most often it’s “I love you sixty clock” or “I love you Tuesday morning” or “I love you twenty four”.

She likes to talk for her sister. Soon will come a day when her sister will begin talking for herself. Won’t that be the day? But for now, Evalyn speaks in a high pitched squeaky voice when Gwennie needs to say something. (I have a video but it won’t let me upload. Boo)

She has added the word “Why” to her vocab. So that’s fun.

She’s sick with her first ear infection right now. We discovered it when she woke up one morning and said “Mommy. My ear has a sick in it”. We went to the Doctor (which was more than traumatic) and sure enough, she does. Now, every time she bumps her head, trips, coughs or does anything remotely resembling an illness or injury she tells me “I need to go back at dat Doctor”. The first day, when she was feeling really rotten, at one point I scooped her into my arms and said “Come here sweetie, mommy will make you feel better”. Her response, “No. Just give me some medicine”.

She’s having some serious trouble letting go of Christmas. Serious. As in, almost every day I hear something about “And dis is for you on Christmas day!” or questions about where the tree is. Where her Christmas plate is. And when it’s all coming back. Can’t blame her. We spend a whole month hyping it up and then it’s just over?

I feel like this is the most boring Evalyn says post yet. That’s what I get for not keeping a daily list and having to try to remember it all off the top of my head. I forget. See? This is why I blog.

And on that note … I’m off to restart my running list…


Rachael said...

It is so hard to remember all the little things, I'm sorry you lost your list. I love these posts because D is not nearly as chatty and she's just so funny, makes me wonder what he's thinking about.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Jamie still asks every night if the lights are coming on. As in the Christmas lights. So E isn't the I only one having a hard time letting go! And this morning he asked if we got to go trick or treating tonight. Poor kid just can't get his holidays straight!

Kodi said...

No lie the first thing Manning said to me this morning was, "Mom? Is the Christmas tree still in the basement?" Poor kids!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Omg, we are having Christmas issues Emeline was singing jingle bells all day around sea world. And also? I get "in twenty minutes!"---why 20?! Who knows. They would be BFF.

amanda said...

We're hooked on Christmas, too. Mine is also still lamenting halloween. one of our neighbors goes all out with Halloween decorations, which Monroe refers to as Punkin Lights. The other day, My husband said, I think Halloween might be your favorite holiday. He said, well, i do like punkin lights and I do like candy. Me too, kid, me too.

I love this edition of Evalynisms. They remind me so much of Monroe. I feel like I can "hear" her saying these things because they could come right out of Monroe's mouth, too. Such a funny age.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

Seems to be quite common for them to be stuck on Christmas. E is still obsessed. She keeps asking what Santa's up to and if he's getting ready for Christmas. Sweet child has quite the wait!