Tuesday, December 11, 2012

an update, of sorts

It seems that I’ve dropped off the face of the earth. I’m not sure what’s happened to me. It’s not like there’s a lack of stuff to blog about. There are things that happen daily that I think, ‘Oh I should blog about that before I forget’ … you know, like Eva telling me that I’m “not ah-yowed to spoke until Jesus comes” or the Christmas tree falling down while I was decorating and coming a few inches within landing on Gwen before I caught it, or our Christmas decorations, our first Christmas party of the year, the house renovations. Um, yea. We’ve lived here 4 months and I’ve yet to show any before/after pics? Here’s a promise … I will show you our bathroom renovation before the week ends. Mkay? Hold me to it.

We’ve been having a blast getting ready for the Christmas season. Witnessing Christmas from a two year old’s perspective is amazing. Last night, we were talking about Jesus and how he is God’s son and that God sent Him to us as a GIFT, which is why we give gifts at Christmas. She asked me, “Where is Jesus?”  As always, I told her that Jesus is in her heart. She said, “No Mom. Jesus is on the board at Mrs. F’s house”. So. Much. Funny here. Mrs F is her teacher. So, she was telling me that he’s on the bulletin board at school. Totally adorable and I love how kids assume their teachers do not exist outside of the classroom. She is enthralled by the decorations, lights, Christmas songs, presents, wrapping paper, Christmas shows and stories. I took a video of her “reading” The Night Before Christmas to her sister. Maybe I’ll even get around to sharing it some day. She knows the story of the First Christmas pretty well now. Well, at least she knows that there’s a Mary, a Joseph, an Angel, a trip to Bethlehem and a Baby Jesus in the hay. The rest is just details, right?

Gwen is growing like a bad weed. And I want it to stop now. NOW NOW NOW. Well, not really. I love the new developments and explorations. But my dear heart, it goes too fast. Way too fast. She’s rolling, working on sitting and seems to be in one of those phases of frustration where she wishes she could do more than she can and is no longer happy just being in one spot. Only a few months until we hit the crawling stage, if she’s like her sister. Hold. Me. Now.

The girls have both been sick. Last week was pitiful. But thankfully, we are on the upswing. Hopefully this means we’ve gotten it out of the way and are clear for the holidays. Wishful thinking, perhaps.

I miss this here old blog. Maybe someday I’ll get my groove back and commit myself to daily, or at least more than weekly or bi-weekly posting. Maybe soon I’ll be inspired. Until then, we’ll just keep living the moments.


Jessica G said...

If you pop in every now and then with some cute Eva-isms, that rocks my socks :) I can't even imagine how busy things are for you all - and mad props for catching the Christmas tree!

Kodi said...

Oh yay! I can't wait to see your shitter! LOLOL JK but seriously.

amanda said...

Can't wait to see all of the work you've done on the new house. I've been struggling with explaining Christmas and where Jesus is now. Like you, I said he's in your heart and he didn't ask any more questions. I think my adult brain thinks too much about the end and is already trying to figure out how much to give his two year old mind. He loves playing with his little nativity and putting baby Jesus down for a nap. :) yesterday, he told me baby Jesus had a poooy diaper. Have you read Sarah bessey's blog about a mother's perspective on the Christmas story and childbirth? It's great. I think you'd really like it.

Ugh. Babies grow too fast and it's so much harder to just soak it up with the second one.

Our littlest is sick too. Poor fella has spent lots of his short life with a cold. Hope your girls feel better soon-and share it!