Monday, June 25, 2012

Ride of a Lifetime

As we countdown to Baby #2 day, Evalyn and I have been filling our days with as much summer fun as we can. We’ve been swimming, playing at the park, going to the beach and everything else in between.

On Friday night, we were lucky enough to hit the beach for the second time in one day. First we went out for dinner with the Aunties and then we headed to the beach for ice cream, a walk, a quick play at the park, feeding the duckies, and of course, Eva’s first ride on the carousel.

She loved it, can’t ya tell?


Just to prove I’m not an entirely terrible Mom, though, here is how we ended the ride.


After a few rotations, she decided it wasn’t so bad and started dancing and singing along with the music and waving to Auntie Linda each time we went around. She has been talking about riding da howsy, camel and yion with da songs ever since – so I know we’ll definitely be making another trip or two to the carousel before the summer is over.


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I still don't believe you that she liked it. bahaha. :P

Lindsey B said...

Kate was not a fan of her first carousel ride! I have pictures but only posted like one b/c the others made it look like I was torturing her! Ha!

Penny said...

LOL! Oh, those pics are hilarious!!! Poor sweet baby! =)

Mandy said...

Cute! Emmy is a big fan of the carousel too...we prtty much have to ride one every time we see it!

This Texas Momma said...

Those faces. Evalyn, I love you, but my dear- I'm chuckling at you a little bit.

Anonymous said...

I'm on Team Evalyn.. I DO NOT do rides very well and I believe it was the same Auntie that convinced me to go on Thunder Run at Wonderland where I spent the entire ride crying and screaming in my sisters lap.

~True Story