Friday, June 22, 2012

twenty-one: a letter to my firstborn

My Sweet Evalyn,

Beach 018

Today you are twenty one months old. Twenty one months may not seem like a significant milestone age to most parents. But to me? It is, perhaps, one of our most significant milestones together. Twenty-one months is that age that we’ve been waiting for for the past nine months.

Twenty-one months.

The age you will be when you become a big sister.

My sweet girl, twenty-one sweet months ago you changed my life completely when you made me a mother. And any day now, we will completely change your life when we make you a big sister. I know you are going to love it. You are such a little Momma – always taking care of your babies, making sure they are fed, changed and put to sleep. You will be my little side kick. I can’t wait to watch you and your little sibling get to know each other.

My Eea - you are sassy, spunky, sweet and sensitive – all rolled into one. You drive be bonkers and melt my heart multiple times every single day. Daddy and I can’t stop falling head over heels in love with you. We never get bored of watching you learn and we never stop laughing at the crazy things you do.

You talk up a storm, love to sing and make up songs, love to collect rocks, have bubble baths, swim in the pool, go to the park, play outside, and pretend to cook. Every day you are less and less baby and more and more big girl. But, between you and me? You’ll always be a baby. I will never forget the day I first laid eyes on you.

Sweetie, the next few days, weeks, and months are going to bring a lot of changes to our lives. We are going to have a new baby, a new house, a new bedroom and a new schedule. Things may be difficult at times and I know that it will be hard for your little self to understand everything that’s going on. Be patient with Mama. I promise I’ll do my best for you.

I have cherished this time I’ve had to spend with just you – twenty one months of Evalyn and Mommy. I know you won’t remember these months but I always will. I know to you, it will soon seem like you’ve always had a brother or sister. But to me, I will always look back on these twenty one months with fondness and remember the times we shared – just us.

You’ve taught me so much over these past twenty-one months, girl, and I know the lessons won’t stop now.

Mommy loves you so much – and despite all the changes coming our way, that is one thing you can always, always, always count on.

Beach 004

My heart is yours,



Lynsey said...

So sweet! I can't wait to "watch" her become a big sister. She is going to be an amazing one and I know you will rock the mom of 2 job like no one else does.

Lindsey B said...

I am crying! This is so sweet! You are an amazing momma and Eva is going to be a wonderful big sister!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

she is going to be one amazing big sister. and i still swear, she is one of the most beautiful babies ever. love her smile!

Crystal Seed said...

So so so sweet!! You are an amazing Mama, and your going to be even more amazing when you give birth to that little one!!

Chelsi said...

This is so sweet! It is posts like this that I think make blogging so special. She will love to read this ten, twenty or thirty years from now... :-)

Chelsi said...

This is so sweet! It is posts like this that I think make blogging so special. She will love to read this ten, twenty or thirty years from now... :-)

Amy Silver said...

Ahhh, post preg hormones are going crazy. I'm tearing up, this is exactly how I feel! I hate that they can't remember it, but it's so special to me :) You are such a sweet mom

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

and then the pregnant lady cried.

Aunt Shelley said...

Ohhhhh....way to turn on the tears!! Can't wait to meet Eva's new baby.

Liz said...

Tear. What a sweet love letter to your girl. Can't wait to see the new one!

This Texas Momma said...

Just now seeing this....sweet post for a sweet girl. *sniff* She'll be fantastic!

Erin said...

Such a a beautiful letter!